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Topic: Who Would Of Thought
Submitted By: 1boss
Date Submitted: 02-01-14

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The Death Of The Eastcoast Producers

New York, New York, New York, once the most dominant force in hip hop is now stuck doing a lot of soul searching since its slow and long fall from greatness. It’s been atleast 11 years since anything outside of Jay Z and Nas has been relevant to the rest of the hip hop community and everybodies pointing fingers in the city at who’s fault it might be. I’m a tackle this subject and see if I can shed some light on it, to help clear the air a little bit.


Like everybody else I’ve heard all the theories and reasons for the downfall of my home town, a lot of which I disagree with but sometimes rather not explain to a newbie.  


Its almost as if Jay Z predicted it years before it happened with his infamous line from Money Cash Hoes - “Its Like New Yorks Been Soft Since Snoop Came Thru And Crushed The Buildings”.. Some says its 50 cents fault (fabolous) for dividing the city up to a point where nobody works with anybody due to all the beef brewing,  others blame the new up and coming artists from that lack any vision or appear to be stuck in the past and too insecure about being themselves, but from what I noticed it appears the majority of people blame the NYC DJ’s and radio stations. Not sure why the radio stations get included in the blame because really hip hop has always been against the radio stations and followed an ideology of get it popping in the streets it’ll eventually makes its way up there .




Anyway back to the topic at hand I do believe alot of the blame lies with them all but its not all there fault. While the music business is constantly changing and bringing other sounds and influence into the music the eastcoast producers don’t. The same sounds have been coming out of the big apple for too dam long. It doesnt matter if its 1995, 1998, 2005, 2010, or 2014 go to any New York beat maker and the beats still sound like throwbacks from the early 90tys. Even NY rappers are migrating to producers from other regions to spice up they sound.


NY is a different kind of animal compared to other regions due to the tight rope you got to walk in the city, but who said it would ever be easy. There’s like this mental cap on artist that got them fearing backlash for not doing what everybody else is doing and producers not wanting to let the boom bap go and reinventing they self into the New New York like Tru Life was once pushing for.



We all respect the city for giving life to one of the worlds greatest gifts in spoken word poetry but its about time that mentality died.


Artist like Biggie had no problem rapping fast with Bone Thug or attempting to Sing on songs like Playa Haters and even putting out one of the most influential female rappers of all time ie Lil Kim. Without worrying about what other people would think about it, but the rest of the city lacks that kind of vision even though he laid out the blueprint back in the 90tys.


Drake is a perfect example of balancing the R&B with the Rap but the same forward thinking that helps artist such as Drake and artist from other regions Eastcoast artist are crucified for unless they do it right.


Theres a whole new generation of up and comers getting shitted on for lack of lyrcism while the lyrical batch gets shitted on for lack of any good music.


Something that seems so easy but is yet so hard to do is what really shows off a rappers talent, but we’ve come so far from that time its hard think of how it use be.


Artist would set the trends and not give a fuck what you think about them like Kanye West is now, but the bunch that’s been popping up over the past decade only care about what you think about and have no personal opinions on shit. Hip hop has become a world of Politicians, but I’ll save that discussion for another article.


Back in the day rappers use to come equipped with there owns djs who usually handled the production from finish to end and if anybodies noticed  the city hasn’t had a break thru producers in a pretty long time. While Rick Ross has some of the most amazing production in hip hop there is no go to producer in NY? Dr.Dres reinvented and kept the west coast at the fore front of hip hop for decades we can’t say the same thing for the Rap Mecca its almost as if everybody wants to be an artist nowadays including the producers.


Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of talent in the east but the sound coming out the east just hasn’t been doing any growing. The last couple great beatsmiths mostly wanted to be rappers or get they Puff Daddy on.


In the past we had producers that over seen albums from beginning to end such as RZA, Puffy, and Irv Gotti,  2 of which were actually artist themselves and none of them have been replaced.


When 50 Cent rained on Hip Hop it was under the umbrella of Dr Dre. Biggie And Bad Boy had Puff And The Hitmen, Murder Inc had Irv Gotti, but as of lately the rest of NY is not as fortunate.


If you sit back and listen to your favorite mixtape you can hear the difference in beats thats being picked by eastcoast artist but the albums don’t reflect that same sound.

So next time somebody tells you NY fell off because of the rappers you got to remind yourself there’s more to the Eastcoast being successful and the blame doesn’t always lie with the guy you see in front of the camera.

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