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Police in Pinal County, Arizona, claimed that the shooting death of a suspected car thief two weeks ago came after the man had turned to reach for a weapon. But video surfaced this week from a bystander, showing that the suspect had turned his back to officers, with his hands held high in the air.

Manuel Longoria, of Mesa, led police on a 40-minute chase in Eloy, and only stopped after sheriff’s deputies crippled the stolen Toyota Corolla with a tire-popping device. Witnesses said that Longoria told police after he got out of the car, surrounded, that he wouldn’t be taken alive. Police fired Tasers and beanbags at him before he turned around.

The video shows him with his hands above his head. One second later, a sheriff’s deputy fired two shots into him, killing him.

Investigators found no weapon.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said it investigated the shooting and found the officer’s use of lethal force justified.

The shooter returned to duty a week later.



See Full Story @ ...GRAPHIC-----Police Tell Man To Put His Hands Up And Turn Around Then Shoot & Kill Him

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