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Florida Man Beats Handicap Uncle With A Toilet Seat

The Florida man, 20, is jailed on a felony battery charge for allegedly clobbering his disabled uncle in the head with a toilet seat cover, investigators report.

Sammy Lee Johnson, the 48-year-old victim, told St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office deputies that he was sitting on the couch in his Fort Pierce home watching TV with his mother when Troutman ran up to him and “struck him in the back of his head with a toilet seat lid.”

Johnson said that he “was unsure why Mr. Troutman was upset with him,” adding that he “did nothing to provoke the attack.” The man’s mother concurred that he had done nothing to prompt the assault earlier this month.

A sheriff’s deputy reported noticing “slight swelling” on Johnson, who refused medical attention. He told investigators that Troutman “retrieved the toilet seat lid from the window sill of the bathroom.”

In an interview with a sheriff’s deputy, the 6’ 6” Troutman “spontaneously admitted” to striking his uncle with the toilet seat. He claimed that the older man had been “mocking” him.

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