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Topic: Who Would Of Thought
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Date Submitted: 01-16-14

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2. Future

Pros: Has two of the hottest songs of the year, Drake got on his remix

Cons: Only entertaining when rapping in faux Scarface voice

Odds of blowing up: 15:1

Complex says: We first noticed Future as the guy who carried most of the lyrical weight on YC’s “Racks” (it was kind of a light load, but still). However, when Drizzy Drake jumped on the remix of “Tony Montana,” it was obvious that Future was a problem. The Atlanta rapper spits vividly about what goes down in his town during the night hours, talking about everything from sipping purple to moving work to bagging broads. “Tony Montana” was hot in the streets and “Racks” was hot in the clubs, and that’s why Future had a solid buzz all year.


From: Los Angeles, CA

Pros: Pure rapper with excellent delivery

Cons: Too weird, relies on gimmick of dissing others, cross dresses as a white girl in music videos

Odds of blowing up: 25:1

Complex says: When Hopsin dropped the fourth installment in his “Ill Mind of Hopsin” series last month, he caught everyone’s attention by dissing Tyler, the Creator. The record had some impressive flows, which led us to do some well-deserved digging, and we were pleasantly surprised by Hopsin’s other material. His clever rhyme-schemes and strange antics come off surprisingly natural and endlessly entertaining.

4.Machine Gun Kelly

From: Cleveland, OH

Pros: Raps with lots of energy, appeals to suburban kids

Cons: Looks like a Yelawolf clone

Odds of blowing up: 10:1

Complex says: Machine Gun Kelly opens your eyes to the struggle and grit of his beloved Cleveland streets. His talent is undeniable and it’s showcased by his distinctive rapid-fire rapping style. Kelly also has the song making abilities that prove he’s got what it takes to become a complete artist. That’s precisely why Diddy signed him to Bad Boy Records this year. We’re intrigued by his rawness and hope Diddy can polish up the edges.

5.Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

From: Brooklyn, NY

Pros: He raps like he’s from 1995

Cons: He raps like he’s from 1995

Odds of blowing up: 8:1

Complex says: Don’t get Brooklyn’s Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire confused as just another grimey New York rapper. He might have dropped out at 15, but in his own words “Still a nigga mad smart.” eXquire is foul, brash, and hard as nails, but add that to his intellect and you’ll find that he speaks from the unique perspective of the new breed of gangsta. eXquire ain’t for the squeamish and with songs like “Huzzah” and “Galactus” he’ll definitely convert some doubters into full-blown fanatics. Get familiar.


Pros: He’s on Maybach Music Group

Cons: He could end up like Triple C’s

Odds of blowing up: 12:1

Complex says: Having now signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, Stalley’s going to have the opportunity to show the world what he’s made of. His often unorthodox delivery, conscious perspective, and intellect are perfect for the soulful beats he likes to rap over. Stalley makes the type of music you can cruise to, but with a lot more substance than most rappers offer. Check out “Babbling” for some of Stalley’s best, and keep your eyes open to see if this newcomer can put on for his city like Bone Thugs and Kid Cudi before him.


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