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COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — As Qaw'mane Wilson stood before a judge Monday for the second time since his arrest for allegedly ordering a hit on his mother Yolanda Holmes — a relative briefly entered the courtroom and screamed: "You're going to hell, Qaw'mane!"

A court officer swiftly booted the woman from the building. But a spokeswoman for Wilson's family later told DNAinfo Chicago the woman was a cousin of Wilson, a local actor and rapper known as "Young QC." The cousin declined to comment.

Wilson, who has been charged but not formally indicted in the murder of his mother, made a brief appearance in court Monday before Judge Israel Desierto. He did not speak at the hearing, but glanced back at the woman who screamed at him before she was removed from the room. His next court date was scheduled for Friday.

The 24-year-old man faces accusations that he orchestrated the murder of his mother and then liquidated her bank accounts and cashed in her life insurance policies. Pictures and videos of Wilson on social media since Holmes was murdered in 2012 show himthrowing money around and flaunting luxury cars, expensive puppies and designer clothes.

He appeared in court Monday, wearing a jailhouse jumpsuit, along with his two alleged accomplices, 22-year-old Eugene Spencer and 23-year-old Loriana Johnson. All are being held without bail on murder and home invasion charges at Cook County Jail.

Wilson admitted to detectives that he arranged the robbery that led to his mother's death on Sept. 2, 2012 for "financial gain" — but Spencer told detectives Wilson asked him to kill Holmes, court documents allege.

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