New Yorks Celebrate The Return Of Power Like Its Happy New Year

In The News Submitted 11-04-12

Ipad Kicks The Windows Surface Ass In A Toe To Toes Competition

In The News Submitted 11-04-12

Ipad Mini VS Nexus 7 Drop Test

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-04-12

Love Of Hip Hop ATL Star K. Michelle Jacks Another R & B Stars Look

Rumors Submitted 11-03-12

Toddler Gets Robbed For His Gold Chain

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-03-12

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How Not To Jump Over The Green Swimming Pool

Funny Submitted 11-03-12

Verizon Employees Steal Nude Pics Of Women From Phone When She Brings It In For

In The News Submitted 11-03-12

50 Cent Goes In On Floyd Mayweather And His Team

In The News Submitted 11-03-12

Cassidy Accepts Meek Mills Battle For 100,000

In The News Submitted 11-03-12

Things Rappers Will Never Admit

Funny Submitted 11-03-12

Gucci Mane Goes Trick Or Treating As Batman (Parody)

Funny Submitted 11-01-12

Radio Host Gets Attacked On Air

In The News Submitted 10-31-12

Cop Tases Kid During Career Day Presentation For Not Wanting To Clean His Patrol

Funny Submitted 10-31-12

Rick Ross's New Beef With The Gangsta Disciples Over Star Of David On Mixtape Co

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-30-12

Rappers Give There Opinion On Anal Sex In A Survey (Lil Waynes Does What Birdm

In The News Submitted 10-30-12

1st Jay -Z Protege Sauce Money Says He Never Thought Roc A Fella Would Last

Video Submitted 10-17-12

Man Tries To Dive Into A Frozen Ice Swimming Pool, Learns The Hardway

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-17-12

Gunplay Pulls A Gun On His Account And Now Faces Life In Prison

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-16-12

Times Are Hard Man Dunks Head In A Bucket Of Urine For 450.00

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-16-12

Police Report On Woman Who Got Upper Cut By Bus Driver

In The News Submitted 10-16-12

Mom Super Glues Her Daughters Hands To The Wall, WTF

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-11-12

Gucci Mane EX Ceo Bigcat Records Calls Gucci Mane A P***y

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-10-12

NYPD Stop And Frisk Secret Recording And Racial Profiling

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-10-12

50 Cent Goes In On French Montana Via Twitter

In The News Submitted 10-10-12

Stevie J And Joseline Address Footage Of Him Kissing Lil Wayne

Video Submitted 10-10-12

10 Questions With Waka Flocka

Video Submitted 10-09-12

Lil Wayne And Stevie J Share A Kiss On Stage

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-09-12

Man Dies After Winning Prize For Eating The Most Roaches

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-09-12

QVC Host Passes Out Live On TV Co Host Keeps Going

In The News Submitted 10-09-12

Shyne Snaps On Rick Ross For Being Everybodies Favorite Fake Dude

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-09-12

2pac Sighting In NYC Caught On Camera

In The News Submitted 10-08-12

Lady Luck Says **** Vlad TV

Video Submitted 10-08-12

Cop Gets Life For Raping Women In His Patrol Car

In The News Submitted 10-08-12

Rick Ross - The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape Download)

Audio Submitted 10-07-12

Students Puts Butt Pills In Teachers Drink And Is Now A Wanted Student

In The News Submitted 10-07-12

Man Sues Strip Club For Stripper Being To Exotic And Bursting His Bladder

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-07-12

Fake Stunt Man Tries To Live Upto The Movies, #FAIL

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-07-12

Chris Brown Admits Love For Rihanna

In The News Submitted 10-05-12

Residents Of The Projects In St.Louis Have Possibly Deadly Test Done On Them WIt

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-05-12

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