The Story About Queens Drug Legend/ Real Gangsta Supreme Mcgriff, 50 Cent Beef, Murder Inc, And New Yorks Underworld

Nelly Breaks Down Street Cred, Relationships, And Staying Current In The Game
Rich Homie Quan And 2 Chainz Speaks On Never Selling Out And ATL

Subway Restuarant You Made Me Do It!!! Did I Really Guy Attacks Worker

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Lupe Fiasco Ranting

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The Fear Of Media Take Out Sumed Up

In The News Submitted 8-27-13

The Game Threatens To Spank Daughter Over Beyonce Song Part

In The News Submitted 1-16-14

Drake Air Balls... Shot Goes Down Like Most Rappers Careers

WTF Submitted 10-20-14

Do Rappers Act Like Diva's Or Rockstars? Find Out What 1/3 Of Run DMC Thinks.

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Teacher Accused Of Being Touching Kids

In The News Submitted 4-17-13

Chris Brown Admits To Being The Type To Stalk His Ex Girlfriends

WTF Submitted 1-31-17

A Good Reason To Be On You P's And Q's In Memphis TN

WTF Submitted 5-12-13

Jay Z Freestyle Footage Live Funk Master Flex

Video Submitted 7-29-13

Scooby Doo Finds Rachael Dolezal

Funny Submitted 6-28-15

Apple And Steve Jobs Gets Disrespected

In The News Submitted 9-16-13

1st Class Jails You Can Buy Anything For The Right Price

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-09-13

Erica Mena Of Love And Hip Hop Cyn Santana Talk About Lots Of Sex On Hot 97

Video Submitted 1-14-14

Miely Cyrus Smokes A Joint Live On Stage

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-11-13

Tammi Roman Of Basketball Wives Says The Show Almost Over And Speaks On Her Beefs

Video Submitted 9-16-13

The Cats Out The Bag

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-07-13

Orlando Police Officer Runs Man Over And Drives Off

WTF Submitted 12-08-13

Something Or Someone Dead Ends Up On Google Maps Getting Dumped Into The Water

WTF Submitted 4-16-13

How The Media Calls Blacks Looters 5 Examples Of Whites Doing The Same Thing Or Worst Not Getting Called The Same Thing

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-26-14

Jay Z Buys 100 Copies Of Nipsey Hustles Album At 100.00 Each

Audio Submitted 10-09-13

XXL Mag Closes The Door On The Magazine Print Game 1 Issue Left

In The News Submitted 9-23-14

3 Lab 5 Design Jordans Elephant Skin

In The News Submitted 9-25-13

New Rules - Creative Ways To Push And Promote Your Music 2014

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-04-14

Man Parks His Truck On Another Guys Car During Road Rage Incident

In The News Submitted 2-04-17

Man Does A Drive By On Amish In A Buggy

WTF Submitted 2-13-14

Fire Proof Glass, God, Or Idoit With With A Glass Bottle And Fire

Funny Submitted 1-16-14

Houston Man Rapes Toddler Gives It HIV, Herpes, And Chylmadia. SMDH

In The News Submitted 10-25-14

When You Giving It Up And Everybody

Funny Submitted 2-02-17

Black Guy Gets Trapped In The Mosh Pit (Please Don't Spill My Drink)

Funny Submitted 5-18-13

Scott Storch Snorts Away His Publishing And Beat Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-25-13

Store Clerk Snatches Armed Mans Gun Out Of His Hand Amd Lives To See Another Day, WTF

Crazy SOB's Submitted 7-15-16

Big Girl And You Know It - Drake Parody

Funny Submitted 11-03-13

Police Officer Shots And Kills Man For Not Complying After Shooting Him Tases Him

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-29-13

Crack Head Gets Caught Stealing BBQ Pit And Pays For It Dearly

In The News Submitted 4-02-13

Police Caught In A Lie When Video Pops Up Of Them Shooting Family Dog

WTF Submitted 6-22-13

Website Sets Up Online Blind Dates Too Many Ways For This To Go Wrong, SMH

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-07-13

You Think Your Baby Daddy Doesn't Pay Enough In Child Support, Think Again!!

WTF Submitted 6-08-13

Reason 101 To Always Keep Your Hard Hat On, OUCH

WTF Submitted 8-16-13

Homeless Man Turns His Back On 3 Cops And The Shoot And Kill Him Claiming He Was Threat.

WTF Submitted 3-24-14

MSNBC Interrupts Report With A Congress Women To Talk About Justin Bieber, LOL

Funny Submitted 1-24-14

Moped Click Gets A Dose Of Quick Karma After Giving Cab The Middle Finger

Funny Submitted 9-25-14

Charlamagne Addresses Rumors Of Mase Running Up On Him In Miami

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-17-14

Lil Wayne Says He Wants Off Of Cashmoney On Twitter, Claims It's Like Being In Prison

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-04-14

Crazy Man VS Car

WTF Submitted 1-02-14

Idiot Makes Homemade Bullet Proof Vest And Lets His Friend Test Out A Shot On Him

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-14-13

Lebron James Loses A Bet And Pays The Price

Funny Submitted 12-28-16

Man Post His Suicide Note On Facebook Before Parking His Car On The Train Tracks

In The News Submitted 12-28-12

Most Sampled Artist Off All TIme

In The News Submitted 2-10-14

Cop Being A Cop Slams Girl On Her Cellphone For New Reason

WTF Submitted 3-31-14

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