World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Beyonces Booty Grabber Speaks Out
Mase Speaks On Almost Swinging On J.Cole And Not Geetting His Props In Hip Hop

Philly Rapper AR AB Speaks On His Time In The Philly Prison System, Running With Lifers, And More

Video Submitted 12-21-14

Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change (AUDIO)

Audio Submitted 10-10-13

Ipad Kicks The Windows Surface Ass In A Toe To Toes Competition

In The News Submitted 11-04-12

Judge Gets Busted For Selling Juveniles For Cash From Private Prisons

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-03-13

Dog Tows Owners Car For Him

WTF Submitted 4-01-13

State Trooper Kills Innocent Man With His Car, Police Blame The Man

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-29-13

Mekhi Phifer Speaks On His Old Rapping, 8 Mile, His New Movie And More

Video Submitted 3-14-14

NYPD's New Way To Make Arrest Qouta's

In The News Submitted 4-15-13

Anger Man Claims A Bomb Is In His Butt, Gets More Than He Bargained For

Funny Submitted 3-21-14

Ungrateful Women Meme

Funny Submitted 3-23-14

Air Jordan 5 V Bel Air Unboxing

In The News Submitted 9-30-13

Bengalls Devon Gives His Daughter A Heart Felt Pre Cancer Surgery Prep Talk

In The News Submitted 9-25-14

Eazy E Holgram Rocks The Stage With Bone Thugs And Harmony @ Rock The Bells

Video Submitted 9-08-13

When Your Mom Ask To Use Your Computer For Something

Funny Submitted 5-27-14

Footage Of Math Hofffa Knocking Serious Jones Out (Clear Footage)

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-17-13

Loaded Lux Goes In On Smack Over Summer Madness 3 SMACK Diss Record

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-27-13

Pretty Model Goes From Beauty To The Beast In Plastic Surgery Attempt

Funny Submitted 9-13-13

Soulja Boy VS The World Parody

Funny Submitted 1-12-17

Miguel Goes In On Black People Via Twitter, Forgets That Being Judgmental

WTF Submitted 5-28-13

50 Speaks On Being Held Respobile For Destorying NY Hip Hop

In The News Submitted 9-15-13

She Said It Would Be Fun

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

Wendy Williams Back In The Day Before The Surgery

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-10-13

85 Pizza's Later You Would Expect More Than This

Funny Submitted 3-06-13

Federal Informant Claims Jimmy Henchman Put Hit On Suge Knight

In The News Submitted 11-17-13

Crown Height Brooklyn Shooting Caught On Tape Innocent Man Killed By Police

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-27-13

Boyfriend Says No To Sex Girlfriend Decides To Bit It Off, OUCH

Crazy SOBs Submitted 5-18-13

A Fat Rappers Dream List Gets Released

Funny Submitted 5-03-13

2014 Hip Hops Richest Artist (And They Said Hip Hop Is Dead Not If You Counting Money)

In The News Submitted 4-16-14

Whats The Worst That Could Happen Moth Makes Guys Ear His New Home, YUCK!!! Getting Taken Out Is Even Worse

WTF Submitted 10-21-14

Swagger Wagon Not Sure If This A Hip Hop Parody Or Just A Commercial Feat Busta Ryhmes

Funny Submitted 8-03-14

Wale Disses Soulja Boy Live On Stage

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Drake Acts Like The Proud Girlfriend Or NBA Star Groupie

Funny Submitted 4-06-14

Chris Brown Says F*** Drake? Maybe...

Rumors Submitted 3-08-13

I Don' Give A !*** Today Meme

Funny Submitted 4-08-14

Nicki Minaj Offers Cameron Diaz Dating Advice

Video Submitted 3-20-14

Kanye West Swings On 1 And Knocks Out Another Man From The Paparazzi

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-11-13

The Game Sparks Controversy Over The Shooting Of The 2 NYPD Cops With His Remarks

In The News Submitted 12-22-14

Mayor Learns The Hard Lesson Of Look Before You Walk.

Funny Submitted 4-17-13

Man Gets Pronounced Dead Wakes Up In The Morgue, Sends Works Running

WTF Submitted 1-13-14

The Game Threatens To Spank Daughter Over Beyonce Song Part

In The News Submitted 1-16-14

Fire Proof Glass, God, Or Idoit With With A Glass Bottle And Fire

Funny Submitted 1-16-14

Nipsey Hustle Speaks On Joining The Rolling 60ty's Crip

Video Submitted 1-03-14

This Is What Happens When You Fall Asleep Around People You Can't Trust **NSFW**

Meme Submitted 12-21-14

Kid Capri Breaks Down Why Air Force One's Fell Off

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Beyonce Funny Super Bowl Pics

In The News Submitted 2-28-13

George Zimmerman Parents Files A Lawsuit On A Famous Actor Over A Tweet

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-13-14

Police Report On Woman Who Got Upper Cut By Bus Driver

In The News Submitted 10-16-12

Hair Brush Drive Bye , Crowd Makes A Run A For It

Funny Submitted 10-20-13

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