The Story About Queens Drug Legend/ Real Gangsta Supreme Mcgriff, 50 Cent Beef, Murder Inc, And New Yorks Underworld

Dr. Dre And Kendrick Lamar Preview Some New Music In Beats By Dre Commercial
R & B Singer Who Almost Got Into A Fight With Gucci Mane Explains What Happened

Juvenile Feat 2 Chainz - Booty

Audio Submitted 1-04-14

Kendrick Lamar Responds To Control Disses (Says They Need To Try Harder)

In The News Submitted 9-12-13

Dame Dash Speaks On When 2pac Dissed Jay Z (Full Interview)

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Rappers Running Out Of Things To Talk About

In The News Submitted 10-12-13

Footage Of Suge Knight Off On Camrea Person Before Alleged Camera Robbery NSFW

In The News Submitted 11-02-14

The Most Trusted Name In News Strikes Again

In The News Submitted 4-17-13

Monk With Praying Hands Found On Gorilla's Face

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-22-14

Family Eat LSD Laces Steak From Walmart

WTF Submitted 3-09-14

21 Savage Takes Amber Rose To The Hood, 9th Ward To Be Exact And She Looks Comfortable As Can Be

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-09-17

Rihanna Drops It Like Its A Hott For A Second In Her See Thru Outfit

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-05-14

Bow Wow Allegedly Gets Fired From 106 And Park For Stealing Company Money

In The News Submitted 1-23-14

Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Brings All 6 Of His Girlfriends To Fight See What Happens

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-15-13

Oakland Rapper Confirms 2 Chainz Getting Robbery Detail By Detail

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Man Decides To Try The Flower Vase Water, LOL...While News Crew Records Live

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-23-14

Idris Elba Talks About His Man Hood And It Breaks Twitter

In The News Submitted 1-05-14

Radio Host Gets Attacked On Air

In The News Submitted 10-31-12

Angry Man Hits Lamborghini With

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-30-14

Trey Songz Loses It On Stage At Show In Detroit And Gets Arrested

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-28-16

Racist White Lady In NY Goes Off On Black Guy For No Reason Says Her Kids Don't Like Black People.. Responds To Tape Saying She Got A Black Cousin SMH

WTF Submitted 6-05-14

12 Year Old Gets Beat Up By Police Officer While Being Arrested

In The News Submitted 12-21-14

Man Put Police On A Chase Thru SXSW Crowd Running Over 23 Killing 2 In Austin TX

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-13-14

Chris Brown Says F*** Drake? Maybe...

Rumors Submitted 3-08-13

Internet Thuggin Gone Wrong!! Man Gets 6 Months For Making A Threat On Twitter

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Big Cat Acts Like Little Cat

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-14-13

TI Speaks About Doe B At His Funeral

In The News Submitted 1-05-14

When Kids Wanna Be Grown

Meme Submitted 12-10-14

How The Media Treats White Cop Killers VS Black Cops More Police Media Prejudice Exposed

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Camron Makes It Rain In The Strip Club

Video Submitted 3-26-14

Alicia Keys Gets Fired From Blackberry

In The News Submitted 1-02-14

Plies Tries To Figure Out New Relationships/ w Rob And Blac Chyna

Funny Submitted 7-08-17

Charles Ramsey Explains Rescue "Either She Homeless Or Something Is Wrong"

Funny Submitted 5-07-13

Homelss Women Loses Her Kids For Leaving Them In The Car For A Job Interview

In The News Submitted 3-27-14

Man Dies After Winning Prize For Eating The Most Roaches

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-09-12

Chris Brown Checks Karrueche Live

In The News Submitted 1-03-17

Hip Hop Week In Review 6/14/2013 J Cole Walks Out, 2 Chainz Robbery, Kanye And More

Video Submitted 6-14-13

50 Minutes With 50 Cent And The Wall Street Journal

Video Submitted 3-29-13

The Man Who Allegedly Set Up 2pac Jimmy Henchman Gets Life In Prison

In The News Submitted 10-26-13

Man Pulls An SK Out On A Police Officer And They Shoot It Out

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-15-14

Rich Homie Quan - Some Type of Way (Gay) Parody

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The True Story About Freeway Ricky Ross Speaks On How He Got Into The Game And Who Provided Him With The Drugs That Made Him Millions

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The Thrist Is Real Laredo Texas Police Car Feels The Pain

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-14-14

Chief Keef Gets Arrest Again For A DUI

In The News Submitted 3-18-14

Gucci Mane EX Ceo Bigcat Records Calls Gucci Mane A P***y

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When Giving Somebody A Ride Goes Wrong

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Michael Blackson Put Som Respect On My Name Breakfast Club

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Times Are Hard Man Dunks Head In A Bucket Of Urine For 450.00

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Most Rappers Are Lying About The Money They Make Find Out Who's Really Got It

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Don Lemon Gets Caught Up For Asking Bill Cosby Rape Victim Why She Didn't Bite It Off

In The News Submitted 11-19-14

Talib Kweli Calls Rick Ross A Misguided 40 Year Old

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The Reason Free Music Is Better.. Or Is It?

WTF Submitted 6-05-13

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