World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Star Speaks On Al Sharpton Being A Snitch For The Feds,Attempt To Ban Mike Vick, Drake And More
Battle Rapper Math Hoffa Breaks Down The Views VS What The Leagues Are Paying (In Other Word They Jerking Them)

White Dude Breaks Down Why Most White People Don't Speak Out Against Racism (Its Not Being Done To Them)

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

Couples Get Arrested For Sneaking Into Movie After Watching Movie They Paid For

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-28-13

Love Snapchat? Now The Have The Text Version To Auto Erase Your Drunk Text

In The News Submitted 11-22-13

Groupie That 2 Chainz Put On Threatens To File A Law Suit Due To All The Negative Press She's Been Getting

In The News Submitted 3-30-14

Rihanna Opens It Up Live On Stage In More Ways Than One

In The News Submitted 5-18-13

Camron Shows Off His Roller Blading

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-11-14

From Beginning To End

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-17-14

Only In New York....

WTF Submitted 6-09-13

Idiot Tests Out Homemade Cannon And It Almost Takes His Arm Off

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-22-14

Crows Be On The Look Out, LOL

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-17-13

Police Charge Man With Assault After Beating They Beat His Ass (Cops Gone Wild)

In The News Submitted 2-22-14

Police Officer Attacks Women After She Calls 911 On Him

WTF Submitted 8-05-16

Carbi B And Kat Stacks Goes Back And Forth On Twitter

In The News Submitted 1-09-17

Records Labels Ain't The Only Ones Screwing The Artist Out Of Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-25-13

Womens Hides Loaded Gun Inside Her _____ Cops Find It During Strip Search

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-09-13

The History Of Sneaker Design

In The News Submitted 7-10-13

T.I. Say F*** Donald Trump

Video Submitted 1-15-17

The True Story About Freeway Ricky Ross Speaks On How He Got Into The Game And Who Provided Him With The Drugs That Made Him Millions

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-19-14

Deer Walks Up And Licks Hunters Gun While He Opens Fire At Other Targets

WTF Submitted 1-28-14

Trayvon Martin Text Message's Get Released To Try To Help Zimmerman

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Rules To Smashing Your Homeboys Girl

WTF Submitted 4-06-14

50 Cent Wins His Lawsuit Against WorldstarHiphop

In The News Submitted 3-27-14

Alligator Jumps In Floridas Man Boat For Looking At Him For Too Long Everybody Sh*ts There Pants

Video Submitted 1-27-17

Meek Mills Hands Off His Big L To Katt Williams

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-26-16

Kat Stacks Goes Into Her Fall Out With WorldstarHipHop

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-15-13

Prisoners Get 4 Days Time Off For Each Book They Read And Write A Report On

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-06-13

Houston Man Rapes Toddler Gives It HIV, Herpes, And Chylmadia. SMDH

In The News Submitted 10-25-14

Cop Gets Fired For Stopping Other Officers From Beating The Crap Out Of A Defenseless Teenager(Another Reason Nobody Trust The Police Anymore)

WTF Submitted 4-10-14

YG Ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill & Rich Homie Quan - My N*gga (Remix)

Audio Submitted 1-23-14

Kanye West Allegedly Swings On Man For Calling Kim A N**** Lover

In The News Submitted 1-13-14

Anger Man Claims A Bomb Is In His Butt, Gets More Than He Bargained For

Funny Submitted 3-21-14

Bully Starts Fight And Gets Bullied From Somebody Else

Submitted 3-30-14

Currensy Jetlife Documentary (Jetflix)

Video Submitted 10-01-13

Idiot Fail Of The Day

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-01-13

Fleece Johnson AKA Lock Up Raws Notorious Male Rapist Getting Out Of Prison Soon

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-17-14

Man Opens Fire Killing 2 NYPD Officers In Brooklyn Police Allege Revenge Over Unarmed Killings Shooter Quotes 50 CENT Lyrics On Instagram Before Shoot

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-21-14

Justin Beiber Collapases On Stage In London

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

She Says I Always Win Meme

Funny Submitted 3-23-14

Chris Brown Talks About Being Raped As A Kid

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-08-13

Gucci Mane Slaps A Fan Upside His Head With A Bottle Of Champange

WTF Submitted 3-23-13

Teen Gives Up Free Ride To College To Be The Next Kanye West, REALLY?

WTF Submitted 3-30-14

Watch The Guy On The Right, LOL...... 3 Blackouts Later

Funny Submitted 10-04-14

Cops Slaps Man For Refusing To Let Him Search His Car

WTF Submitted 11-09-14

Migos Member Allegedly Loses His Chain And Attackers Put A Restraining Order Against Them

Crazy SOB's Submitted 11-19-14

When Your Mom Ask To Use Your Computer For Something

Funny Submitted 5-27-14

Racist Jasper Cops Snatch A Patch Out Of Women Heads

In The News Submitted 6-07-13

R. Kelly Makes Eating An Oreo Cookie Something Sexual

Audio Submitted 10-07-13

Lil Wayne Speaks On Being Shot At By A Female Fan

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-16-14

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