Man Gets Harrassed By Police For Buying A Homeless Man Some McDonalds

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-12-14

Stripper Jhonni Blaze Speaks On Smashing Drake Says She Of Used Protection

Video Submitted 10-12-14

Cop Stops Man For Being Black Gets Saved By White Attorney He Works For

In The News Submitted 10-12-14

Man Gets Attacked By K9 While Laying On The Ground Cuffed Cop Blames Man For Screaming In Pain During 90 Second Biting Spree

WTF Submitted 10-12-14

Speed Car Decides To Flip Over Onto Onlookers Crowd #2's Pants

WTF Submitted 10-07-14

Riff Raff Playing Tennis And He Is GOOD AF

Funny Submitted 10-07-14

Waka Flocka Pays A Noisey Interviewer 2 Grand To Drink A Whole Bottle Of Brandy

Crazy SOB's Submitted 10-05-14

Lil Boosie Says African Americans Is The Worst Race In The World, SMDH

WTF Submitted 10-05-14

Mac Miller Plays Beat Rilloutte Picks 3 Random Records Samples Then Makes A Beat

Video Submitted 10-05-14

Watch The Guy On The Right, LOL...... 3 Blackouts Later

Funny Submitted 10-04-14

Warren Sapp Calls Out Rick Ross For Being A Liar

Video Submitted 10-04-14

Ja Rule And Lord Jamar Speak About Tight Jeans Fight And Skirt Wearing Son

Video Submitted 10-04-14

Weed Smokers Way Of Preventing Ebola

Funny Submitted 10-04-14

The NFL Bans Beat By Dre Headphones From Use While On Camera

In The News Submitted 10-04-14

Women Gets Caught Stealing Liquor In NSFW Kinda Way, SMDH

WTF Submitted 10-03-14

What Real Women Really Do

Funny Submitted 10-01-14

Man Gets Beat Down By 5 Year Old

Funny Submitted 9-30-14

Lebron James Before And After

Funny Submitted 9-29-14

Dude Gets Caught On Clear As Day Camera Robbing Kick Starter Office, SMDH

In The News Submitted 9-29-14

Dog Tricks Passer Bys To Play Fetch

Funny Submitted 9-28-14

Nicki Minaj Nudes Leak To The Web

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-28-14

Some Women Nowadays

Funny Submitted 9-27-14

Takes A Few Times Before You Learn Your Lesson

Funny Submitted 9-27-14

Cops Mistake Spaghetti'o Residue For Meth Women Spends A Month In Jail

In The News Submitted 9-27-14

Young Thug Addresses Being Gay Rumor Says Calling Other Dudes Bae, Hubby, And Lover Is Normal

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Dame Dash Speaks On When 2pac Dissed Jay Z (Full Interview)

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Moped Click Gets A Dose Of Quick Karma After Giving Cab The Middle Finger

Funny Submitted 9-25-14

State Trooper Tells Guy To Get His Drivers License Follows Orders Cops Shoots Him

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Amber Rose Breaks Her Silence About Why She Is Leaving Wiz Khalifa

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-25-14

Bengalls Devon Gives His Daughter A Heart Felt Pre Cancer Surgery Prep Talk

In The News Submitted 9-25-14

Kim Kardashian Gets Snatched Up And Shook By A Crazy Fan Kanye West Does Nothing

In The News Submitted 9-25-14

Mike Browns Memorial Gets Burned To The Ground Police Cheif Finally Decides To Say Sorry About The Event

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-25-14

The Results Of Trying To Be Helpful (Foot To The Jaw)

Funny Submitted 9-25-14

NYPD Pushes Pregnant Women To The Ground Belly First And Break Her Arm (2nd Girl)

WTF Submitted 9-24-14

Iphone 6 VS The Galaxy S5

Funny Submitted 9-23-14

Soulja And M.Michelle Go At In On Twitter Over K. Michelles Radio Interview

WTF Submitted 9-23-14

Little League Football Gets Owned By A Piece Of Paper

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-23-14

XXL Mag Closes The Door On The Magazine Print Game 1 Issue Left

In The News Submitted 9-23-14

Kermit The Frog Is At It Again

Funny Submitted 9-22-14

Crazy Teen Jumps 5 Stories Into A Swimming Pool....Crazy Or Nah?

Crazy SOB's Submitted 9-22-14

News Anchor Quits Live On Air For A Future In Weed

WTF Submitted 9-22-14

Erica Mena Confirms Her And Bow Wow Are Getting Married Shows Off The Ring

Video Submitted 9-21-14

Ferguson Police Planned Training On How To Deal With Mike Brown Issues, Call People Animals And More

WTF Submitted 9-21-14

Joan Rivers Makes A Post About Iphones (After Death) That Was Quickly Erased. #fail

WTF Submitted 9-21-14

Megan Good Nude Pictures Gets Leaked Online

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-21-14

Guess Who's Allegedly Smashing Kanye's Wife

In The News Submitted 9-21-14

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