Mother Gets Accused Of Child Abuse After Posting Nude Pic Of Her And Son In Bath Tub Together What Do You Think?

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-10-14

Killed By Police Since 20 Of Hundreds Since 2012

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-10-14

FLA Man Wins 3 Million In The Lottery Turns Out He's A Sex Offerender And They Want Him To Give The Money Back

In The News Submitted 12-10-14

The Story Behind World Star Hip Hop Owner Q Sits Down With The Verge And Talks About The Success Of His Site

Video Submitted 12-10-14

Curious Bird Decides To Stick His Head In The Worst Place Ever

Funny Submitted 12-10-14

Worst way to find out your girlfriend is cheating

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-10-14

lightskin Dude gets Knocked Into Next Week

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-10-14

Truth Spoken Made So Simple

Funny Submitted 12-10-14

When Kids Wanna Be Grown

Meme Submitted 12-10-14

When Step Daddy Duties Go Into Full Effect

Funny Submitted 12-09-14

Footage Of Texas Judge Failing DUI Test After Case Gets Tossed

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-09-14

When You Talking To Your Mom

Funny Submitted 12-09-14

Another unarmed black man gets shot killed by police with his hands up in Florida according to witnesses

WTF Submitted 12-09-14

Diddy Slaps Fire Out Of Drake According To Witnesses In The Club That Night

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-09-14

Rapper Beanie Sigel Gets Shot In Stomach In New Jersey After Being Released From Prison

In The News Submitted 12-05-14

Lil Wayne Says He Wants Off Of Cashmoney On Twitter, Claims It's Like Being In Prison

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-04-14

Exactly What They Do

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-04-14

You Are What You Eat

Funny Submitted 12-04-14

50 Cent bank Account Get Frozen For Failing To Pay Lawsuit Can't Even Withdraw A Dollar

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-03-14

Insta gram Video Gone Wrong When Police Show Up And Lay Everybody Down, Lucky Nobody Got Killed

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-02-14

DJ Thoro speaks on rappers trying to sound like they from down south and why everybody thinks they can be a rapper

Video Submitted 12-01-14

Cop Will Not Be Charged For Shooting And Killing 7 Year Old Girl In Her Sleep

In The News Submitted 12-01-14

How The Media Calls Blacks Looters 5 Examples Of Whites Doing The Same Thing Or Worst Not Getting Called The Same Thing

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-26-14

LA Rapper Faces Life In Prison Over His Lyrics States Says Promotes Gangs

WTF Submitted 11-20-14

Walamrt Price Match Guarantee Comes Back To Bite It When Users Post Fake Prices And Products On Amazon For PS4's

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-19-14

Migos Member Allegedly Loses His Chain And Attackers Put A Restraining Order Against Them

Crazy SOB's Submitted 11-19-14

Chris Brown Gets 2pac Lyric To Lord Knows Painted On His Lamborghini

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-19-14

The True Story About Freeway Ricky Ross Speaks On How He Got Into The Game And Who Provided Him With The Drugs That Made Him Millions

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-19-14

Don Lemon Gets Caught Up For Asking Bill Cosby Rape Victim Why She Didn't Bite It Off

In The News Submitted 11-19-14

Arizona Mom Arrested Again For Spending 114K In Donations On Clothes And Her Baby Daddies Rap Album

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-18-14

Floyd Mayweather Steps It Up Another Level With A Twerk Team

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-18-14

Ray J Makes A Killing Off Of Kim Kardashian Going Nude

In The News Submitted 11-18-14

Lifetime Be Like

Funny Submitted 11-16-14

Hoodrat Speaks On Being Making More Than People With Jobs On Welfare For 12 Years

WTF Submitted 11-16-14

George Zimmerman Supporter Switches Sides On Him About Trayvon Martin Death

In The News Submitted 11-13-14

Camron Shows Off His Roller Blading

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-11-14

Neef Speaks On Signing To Jay Z, Beanie Sigel Coming Home And More

Video Submitted 11-10-14

Philly Substitute Teacher Gets Knocked Out Cold By A Student

WTF Submitted 11-10-14

Video Of Jeremih And Crew Going Ham In Montana Fuddruckers Which They Say Resulted In 700.00 In Damages

Crazy SOB's Submitted 11-09-14

Nicki Minaj Gets Accused Of Promoting Nazi Images In Her New Video

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-09-14

Cops Slaps Man For Refusing To Let Him Search His Car

WTF Submitted 11-09-14

Footage Of Suge Knight Off On Camrea Person Before Alleged Camera Robbery NSFW

In The News Submitted 11-02-14

Birdman Caught On Tape Saying He Smashes Men Too Not Just Women

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-30-14

T Pain Singing His Hits Without Auto Tune Can Actually Sing

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-30-14

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