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Meme Submitted 2-16-15

Men Try To Ice The Roads To Avoid DUI Arrest, Good Idea With Failing Result

In The News Submitted 2-16-15

32 White People Get Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud And Whites Defend Them In The Comments

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-16-15

Bobby Shmurda Speak On How Epic Records Turned They Back On Him Speaks On His Current Situation

In The News Submitted 2-16-15

When Mother Nature Starts Snitching There No Place To Hide Guess Why The Roof With No Snow Was Raided

Meme Submitted 2-16-15

Life's Hard When The Kids Are Gone

Meme Submitted 1-03-15

2 Idiots Tear Up A 7-11 For Fun And Did It All On Tape - Cases Coming Soon

Crazy SOB's Submitted 1-02-15

Missle Size Firework Comes Thru Family's Window And Blows Up

WTF Submitted 1-02-15

2 White Guys Shoot Up Walmart With BB Guns Security Calls Police Get Taken Alive, More On How Police Treat People Different Based On Race

In The News Submitted 1-02-15

Florida Couple Gets So High They Get Locked In A Closet For 2 Days, Just Say No To Meth

In The News Submitted 1-02-15

How Police Do They Jobs, Without Trying

Meme Submitted 1-02-15

We Late, Dude Beat Us All Too It

Funny Submitted 1-01-15

When Riding Your Bike Too Fast Leads To Major Head And Back Pain, Owww

Funny Submitted 12-30-14

Little Kid Without His Parents Goes On Rampage And Destroys The Dollar Store

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-30-14

NYPD Expressed There Dislike For The Free Bobby Shmurda Campaign

Video Submitted 12-24-14

Reporter Stands In Front Of 8 Tons Of Burning Hash And Heroin And Can't Finsh A Sentence To Save His Life

Funny Submitted 12-23-14

How The Media Treats White Cop Killers VS Black Cops More Police Media Prejudice Exposed

In The News Submitted 12-23-14

They All Getting More Phone Numbers Than You

Funny Submitted 12-23-14

After Hollywoods Movie About White Egyptians They Got A New Movie In The Works

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-23-14

When You Thought You Was Being Slick And Wouldn't Get Caught

Funny Submitted 12-22-14

The Game Sparks Controversy Over The Shooting Of The 2 NYPD Cops With His Remarks

In The News Submitted 12-22-14

Black Female Cop Fired For Stopping White Male Cop From Choking Handcuffed Man He Then Beats Her Up And She Gets Fired

WTF Submitted 12-22-14

Plies Goes Off On Popeyes Chicken About There Crappy Service

Funny Submitted 12-21-14

Lil Wayne Gets Some New Ink Added To His Face What You Think About It?

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-21-14

Young Thug Says He Is Willing To Get Breast Implants, To Avoid Going To Jail, SMDH

Video Submitted 12-21-14

This Is What Happens When You Fall Asleep Around People You Can't Trust **NSFW**

Meme Submitted 12-21-14

12 Year Old Gets Beat Up By Police Officer While Being Arrested

In The News Submitted 12-21-14

Philly Rapper AR AB Speaks On His Time In The Philly Prison System, Running With Lifers, And More

Video Submitted 12-21-14

How Michael Jordon Feels About His Own Sneakers

Funny Submitted 12-21-14

Still Trying To Figure Out Why

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-21-14

Man Opens Fire Killing 2 NYPD Officers In Brooklyn Police Allege Revenge Over Unarmed Killings Shooter Quotes 50 CENT Lyrics On Instagram Before Shoot

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-21-14

Dame Dash Cheeses For The Camera After Pulling Out His Front Tooth, Tags His Dentist SMH

Funny Submitted 12-20-14

Meek Mills Gets Put In Pursing Nicki Minaj Rumor Pool After Liking All Her Sexy Pics On Instagram

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-20-14

Ferguson DA Admits He Used Witnesses To Make Sure His Police Friend Did Not Get Indicted During His Radio Interview, Also Speaks On His Other Biases

In The News Submitted 12-20-14

Cops Gets Fired Over Bar Fight And Losing His Gun Gets Job Back Because He Said Other Cops Do Worst

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-19-14

Amber Rose Twerks Her Thing Thing All Over Chris Brown

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-19-14

Ex Cash Money Artist Lil Turk Goes In On Lil Wayne Calls Him Birdmans Slave And Memes Him

Funny Submitted 12-17-14

British Man Spends 150k On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian Fails Definelty Needs His Money Back See His Face Inside,SMDH

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-17-14

Exactly What I Was Thinking

Funny Submitted 12-16-14

A Womens Night Out VS A Mans Night Out SMDH

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-15-14

More Police Abuse Of People And Power, They Beat And Arrest Women For Recording Them Beating And Arreesting A Man In Baltimore

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-15-14

Black Women Goes Off On Mike Brown And Protestors In Video Rant Claims Somebody Else Would Of Killed Him If Not Police

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-15-14

When Learning The Hardway Doesn't Pay Off

Funny Submitted 12-15-14

Trini Man Goes Off On Women Who reported Him On Facebook For seeing His Nipple

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-15-14

Undercover Cops Get Caught On Camera Trying To Instigate Looting, Gets Pissed When Called Out And Pulls Gun

In The News Submitted 12-11-14

Man Gets Stuck In The Elevator With A Psycho That Refuses To Remain Calm, LOL

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-11-14

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