Mike Tyson Gets Roasted For Claiming He In The Studio Dropping Some Fire!!!!

Funny Submitted 1-08-17

Tariq Nasheed Speaks On His New Haitian Documentary, White Hispanics And More

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Rick Ross Talks To Meek Mill About Nicki Minaj Break Up, Parody Cartoon

Funny Submitted 1-08-17

OG Cash Money Hot Boy Lil Turk Facetimes Soulja Boy About His Up Coming Fight With Chrisbrown

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Donald Trump - The New World Order, 1984 And Facts VS Fiction, The Denial Of The Truth And Crazy Trump Follower!

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Young Dolph - Gelato Mixtape - 2/3/2017

Audio Submitted 1-08-17

Riff Raff Challenges 50 Cent To A Boxing Match For 2 Million Dude Got Some Boxing Moves Too!!!

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Dude With A Sinister Laugh Turns His Cross Bow Fully Auto, WTF

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Soulja Boy Says Him And Chris Brown Is Brothers And Him And 50 Cent Don't Have Real Beef!

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Cuban Link Gets Sucker Punched In A New York Night Club

Video Submitted 1-08-17

T.I. Writes Open Letter to Barack Obama: ‘Your Legacy Will Live On’

In The News Submitted 1-08-17

Hungry Or Thristy Hip Hop Week In Review 2017 DX Breakdown

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Facial Expression Is Priceless

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

Soulja Boy Looking Like Meek Mills These Days

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

9 People Shot At Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport

In The News Submitted 1-06-17

Safaree Is Open To Getting Back With His Ex Nicki Minaj After Meek Break Up

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-06-17

Yahoo Type-O Sends Black Twitter Into Comic Mode When It Gets Trump Plan Wrong A Uses The N-Word

In The News Submitted 1-06-17

Khia Claims That Plies Is In The Closet AKA The New Prince

Video Submitted 1-05-17

Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Prepare To Square Off

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-05-17

The Truth Nothing Can Beat It, Ladies

Meme Submitted 1-05-17

Nicki Minaj Confirms Her And Meek Mills Has Broken Up

In The News Submitted 1-05-17

Rappers Video Shoot Gets Mistaken For Real Bank Robbery

In The News Submitted 1-04-17

Soulja Boy Takes A Stroll Thru The Hood To Prove Point Gets Disrespected Almost Gets Into A Fight Ideo From Both Angles

Video Submitted 1-04-17

Too Short On The Donald Trump Presidency, Next Project And More

Video Submitted 1-03-17

Gucci Mane On Big Boi Speaks On His Hustle, Doing Time,Being Positive, Album, And More

Video Submitted 1-03-17

Chef Keef - Two Zero One Seven Mixtape

Audio Submitted 1-03-17

NFL Men In Tights Gets Free Rubs On Other Man In Tights, Fruity Or Naw

Funny Submitted 1-03-17

Chris Brown Checks Karrueche Live

In The News Submitted 1-03-17

Man Sells Empty Sandwich Bag On Craigslist With A Gift Of Free Weed For 20.00

WTF Submitted 1-03-17

W2 Are On The Way!!!!

Funny Submitted 1-02-17

Nino Brown Breaks Down The Kardashian Curse

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

CNN Uses Screenshot From Fallout 4 PS4 Game To Show How Russians Hack

In The News Submitted 1-02-17

Low Blow But Dam 2pac And Uber

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

Man Beats Red Light Camera Ticket With Help From The Judge

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Lil Yachty Does His Best Soulja Boy Impersionation, LMAOOOOO

Funny Submitted 1-02-17

Keke Palmer Drops Its Like Its Hot Claims She's Not Looking For Attention

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Wale Disses Soulja Boy Live On Stage

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Soulja Boy Disses Mike Epps Soulja Boy Challenge

Video Submitted 1-02-17

Lil Boosie Learns How To Ride A Snow Board, And Speaks On Getting Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Angela Yee Exposed, Gucci Mane Interview On Lip Service Interview Judge For Yourself

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

The Meme Says It All!!!

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-01-17

Girlfriend Checks Her Man In The Barbershop For Not Responding To His Text Message

Video Submitted 1-01-17

Sauce Waka Steps Out In His Underwear With A Gun To Celebrate New Years, SMH

Crazy SOB's Submitted 1-01-17

3 Types Of Rappers Of 2016

Funny Submitted 1-01-17

Mariah Carey Leaves 2016 With A Bang Worst Performance Of 2016

Video Submitted 12-31-16

Tariq Nasheed Goes In On Alex Jones With Puppets

Video Submitted 12-30-16

Serena Williams Says YES!!!! Gets Engaged To Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-29-16

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