Next Generation Robots Can Pick Up And Throw Cinder Blocks At You Head (If It Ch

In The News Submitted 3-02-13

Kevin Hart Doing Lord Knows What

WTF Submitted 3-02-13

Ex Video Director Accused Of Getting 3 Out Of 5 Of His Daughters Pregnant

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-02-13

Fast But Not Fast Enough! Watch For The Foot

Funny Submitted 3-02-13

9yr old Rapper Lil Poopyies Dads Parenting Skills Under Investigation

In The News Submitted 3-02-13

Women arrested for 911 calling addiction

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-02-13

Tyler The Creator Takes Caught Taking A #2

In The News Submitted 3-01-13

Harlem Shake Makes Its Way Into The Air

Funny Submitted 3-01-13

Beyonce Funny Super Bowl Pics

In The News Submitted 2-28-13

Man Gets Handcuffed To Back Of Police Van And Dragged To The Police Station

WTF Submitted 2-28-13

Couples Get Arrested For Sneaking Into Movie After Watching Movie They Paid For

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-28-13

Home Invader Gets Ran Off By Great Value Glass Cleaner, LOL

In The News Submitted 2-27-13

Jay Z Rapping Back In 1989 (Gets His Bone Thugs On)

In The News Submitted 2-27-13

11 False Rape Claims Later She Ends Up In Jail

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-27-13

Kanye West Gets Some Things Off His Chest In London

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-27-13

African Kids See A White Man For The 1st Time And Go Crazy

WTF Submitted 2-27-13

Teacher Caught Stealing Money From Students With Hidden Camera

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-27-13

Chinatown Man Beats Down His Wife With A Meat Cleaver

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-25-13

Aspiring Rapper Gets Shot And Killed By Police Officer During Raid

In The News Submitted 1-18-13

Cassidy Responds To Meek Millz Diss Record - RAID

In The News Submitted 1-06-13

Man Gets Shot In The Face For Being A Forigein In Front Of Walmart All On Tape

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-05-13

Chicago Man Kills His Family 2nd Time After Being Arrested For His 1st Attempt

WTF Submitted 1-04-13

Man Post His Suicide Note On Facebook Before Parking His Car On The Train Tracks

In The News Submitted 12-28-12

WOW, DUI Man Rear Ends Another Car With A Toy Where It Shouldn't Belong

Crazy SOBs Submitted 12-27-12

Why Gold Bars Are Not Meant To Be Sitting In You House

In The News Submitted 12-22-12

Fed Ex Delivers A Package UPS Man Steals The Package, SMDH

In The News Submitted 12-21-12

Red Light Camera Causes Increase In Car Accidents City Refuses To Remove It

WTF Submitted 12-20-12

2pac Gets His Due Credit From World Leaders

In The News Submitted 12-19-12

Bad Ideas That Actually Solve A Real World Problem

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-14-12

Paramedic Ends Up With Boot On Tire For Illegal Parking While Giving A Man CPR

WTF Submitted 12-01-12

Man Allegedly Steals Cell Phone Then Uploads His Pictures To The Victims Faceboo

Funny Submitted 11-30-12

Schools Tasering Kids That Don't Behave Is Perfectly Legal, WTF

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-30-12

The Day 2pac Died, Nas Live On Stage NYC, Moment Of Silence

In The News Submitted 11-17-12

Women Runs Over Her Husband For Not Voting For Mitt Romney Like She Did!!!

In The News Submitted mitt romney,fa

Shyne Responds To Game Diss With A Freestyle

Audio Submitted 11-13-12

Star & Buckwild Goes In On Shyne

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-13-12

News Reporter Just Can't Seem To Get It Right 2 Fails In A Row

Funny Submitted 11-11-12

State Trooper Pulls Over Sheriff And Arrest Him For DUI

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-11-12

The Game Shyne And 40 Glocc Diss Freestyle- Cough Up A Lung

Audio Submitted 11-10-12

What Makes A Classic Rap Album

In The News Submitted 11-10-12

Young Obama Supporter Get Harrassed By Old Romney Supporters, TGIO

In The News Submitted 11-10-12

Landlord Gets Caught Spying On Female His Female Renters Thru A Hole In The Bath

WTF Submitted 11-10-12

The 10 Worst Artist Out Right Now

In The News Submitted 11-10-12

CEO Keeps Promise And Layoffs His Employees Because Obama Won

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-09-12

Why You Should Never Buy Electronics From Walmart

In The News Submitted 11-09-12

Tread Mill Teaches Girl Who Is Boss

Funny Submitted 11-09-12

Woman Buys An Ipad At The Gas Station That Turns Out To Be A Mirror

In The News Submitted 11-08-12

Rappers Showing Off On Instagram

In The News Submitted 11-08-12

Game Speaks On 40 Glocc Beatdown, Beef With Shyne, And 50 / Floyd

Video Submitted 11-08-12

Free Obama Phones If He Wins According To This Lady

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-06-12

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