Lil Wayne Allegedly Near Death On Life Support

In The News Submitted 3-15-13

Remote Control Fail

Funny Submitted 3-15-13

50 Cent Makes 8.7 Million By Getting Fans To Invest In A Stock He Owns 30,000,00

In The News Submitted 3-14-13

Consequence Says His Side Of The Story About Fight With Joe Buddens And Tahiry

Video Submitted 3-14-13

Man Hangs His Dog When Elevator Dog Shuts With Dog Stuck Outside Of It

WTF Submitted 3-14-13

Idiot Makes Homemade Bullet Proof Vest And Lets His Friend Test Out A Shot On Him

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-14-13

Attempted Robbery Fails When Mobb Runs Into A Man With A Gun

Funny Submitted 3-13-13

Why Some People Date Down And Below What They Can Attract

mini series Submitted 3-13-13

Officers Down - Armed Response - "The Call"

Mini Series Submitted 3-13-13

Winter Ramos Explains What Went Down With Joe Budden & Consequence!

Video Submitted 3-13-13

Stop Acting Like Sluts Chics Get Checked In Mcdonalds

Funny Submitted 3-11-13

Ice Climbers Gains All Comes Tumbling Down

Funny Submitted 3-11-13

Idiot Returns Printer With A Sheet Of Fake Hundreds Still Inside

Funny Submitted 3-11-13

7 Mixtapes Artist Who's Careers Ended Up Going Nowhere

ENT Submitted 3-11-13

8 Year Old Boy Gets Married To 61 Year Old Granndma

WTF Submitted 3-11-13

2 Black Guys Teach Their Red Neck Boss How To Dance, LOL

Funny Submitted 3-11-13

Kevin Hart Fitness ( Plastic Cup Boyz Workout )

Funny Submitted 3-10-13

Porn Stars With And Without Makeout

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-10-13

Ab-Soul Speaks On Why He Supported Cop Turned Cop Killer Chris Donner

Video Submitted 3-09-13

My five-year-old daughter is scared of me

WTF Submitted 3-09-13

Womens Hides Loaded Gun Inside Her _____ Cops Find It During Strip Search

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-09-13

Drunk Tries To Find His Way Onto The Top Bunk

Funny Submitted 3-09-13

AR-AB Put Alot Of Cassidy Business In The Street And Addresses Meek Millz

Video Submitted 3-09-13

Chris Brown Says F*** Drake? Maybe...

Rumors Submitted 3-08-13

Top 100 Ebony Porn Stars

Entertainers Submitted 3-08-13

Drunk Man Fries His Roommates Hamster

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-08-13

Gangsta Rapper Parody

Funny Submitted 3-07-13

Street Dude Explains Why Not To Run From Police After Feeling The Taser

Funny Submitted 3-07-13

Mike Jones Clears Up Rumors Of HIV

Rumors Submitted 3-07-13

Boy Gets Stuck In Microwave During Hide And Seek

WTF Submitted 3-07-13

Justin Beiber Collapases On Stage In London

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

What does it take for a cop to lose his job?

WTF Submitted 3-07-13

Guy Claims Cop Planted Drugs On Him Video Comes Out Charges Get Dropped

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

The Cats Out The Bag

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-07-13

Akon Wears Proof That Ties Him To illuminati

Meme Submitted 3-06-13

85 Pizza's Later You Would Expect More Than This

Funny Submitted 3-06-13

Kanye West Blast MTV Hottest MC's List

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-06-13

Killer Of The Real 50 Cent Gets Arrested For Hit And Run Deaths In NYC

WTF Submitted 3-06-13

Gunplay Speaks For 1st Time Since His Case Got Dismissed For Armed Robbery

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-06-13

Murder In The Elevator Experiment Proves Even When The Doors Open You Might Stil

WTF Submitted 3-06-13

Drake Makes It Rain At The Strip Club

In The News Submitted 3-06-13

Soccer Referee Gets Chased Off The Field By Player For Calling A Foul

Funny Submitted 3-05-13

Diced Pineapples (Classic Cover )

In The News Submitted 3-05-13

Lupe Fiasco Ranting

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-05-13

Chris Bosh Gets A Champagne Facial

Funny Submitted 3-05-13

Things So Called Gangsta's Should Not Say

Funny Submitted 3-05-13

Womens Gets Caught After Stealing 2 Police Cars

In The News Submitted 3-05-13

Man Goes Off On Police Officer To His Face Like Never Seen Before And Leaves Unh

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-05-13

Deelishis Husband Smacks Up Michael Blackson And Deelish

WTF Submitted 3-02-13

Mr.Magic From No Limit Dies In A Car Accident

In The News Submitted 3-02-13

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