Car Does A Cart Wheel And Traffic Keeps Going

WTF Submitted 4-05-13

Talib Kweli Calls Rick Ross A Misguided 40 Year Old

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-04-13

Rapper Allegedly Calls Cheeseburger Baby Employees "Fag" and "Bitch"

WTF Submitted 4-03-13

Kevin Hart VS Drake In A Paint Ball Battle

Funny Submitted 4-03-13

P Diddy Crib Gets Rushed By The SWAT Team In L.A.

In The News Submitted 4-03-13

Woman Mistakes Gas Pedal For The Breaks Falls 4 Floors

In The News Submitted 4-02-13

Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne Finally Makes Out

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-02-13

Why MTV Doesn't Play Music Video's Anymore

WTF Submitted 4-02-13

Cop Sues Garage After Tripping On The There Property In Response To A 911 Call

WTF Submitted 4-02-13

Bulls Horn Ends Up Where It Shouldn't Be

Funny Submitted 4-02-13

Does This Really Happen?

Funny Submitted 4-02-13

Black Berry 10 Lets Your Friends Know When Your Watching Porn On Your Phone

Funny Submitted 4-02-13

Crack Head Gets Caught Stealing BBQ Pit And Pays For It Dearly

In The News Submitted 4-02-13

Haitian Income Tax Scam, LOL

Funny Submitted 4-01-13

The Game Leaves A Lucky Waiter A $6,000.00 Tip

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-13

Camera Man Gets Chased By Cows

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-13

Dog Tows Owners Car For Him

WTF Submitted 4-01-13

T Pain Cuts His Signature Dreads Off

In The News Submitted 4-01-13

Winter Ramos Speaks On Dating The Rich And Famous And Not Expecting Much

Video Submitted 4-01-13

NCAA Player Kevin Ware Shin Bone Snaps In Half Mid Game Fully Protruding, OUCH

In The News Submitted 3-31-13

ATL Mall Security Arrested For Assualt After Posting His Vids On World Star

In The News Submitted 3-31-13

Man Gets Sentenced To A 5000 Word Essay After Getting Arrested With Drugs

WTF Submitted 3-31-13

Def Jam President Joie Manda Leaving For Interscope

In The News Submitted 3-30-13

Stingray Gives Birth On Land With Hook Still In Her Mouth

WTF Submitted 3-30-13

Dem Pants SKIR parody

Funny Submitted 3-30-13

50 Minutes With 50 Cent And The Wall Street Journal

Video Submitted 3-29-13

Lil Wayne reveals he's epileptic

In The News Submitted 3-29-13

The Many Faces Of Lil Kim, The Black Girl, The Asian Girl, The White Girl

WTF Submitted 3-28-13

Man Wakes With Picture Of Penis On His Face And Loses His Mind Ends Up In Jail

WTF Submitted 3-27-13

While Trying To Bust A Dog Fighting Ring NBC News Catches Dog Trying To Get His

Funny Submitted 3-27-13

25 Things You Didn't Know About Camron

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-26-13

Whoa, Drug Smuggler Autopsy.... Balloons Everywhere

WTF Submitted 3-25-13

Baby Gets A New Tattoe In Honor Of Lil Wayne

In The News Submitted 3-24-13

Method Man Claims He Saw Kanye West Give Dome @ A Diddy Party

Video Submitted 3-24-13

Something A Black Guy Can't Do And Get The Same Outcome

WTF Submitted 3-24-13

Man Almost Eaten Alive Just To Take A Picture

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-24-13

Man Gets 24 Years For Building Stash Boxes

WTF Submitted 3-24-13

Gunman Lets Loose On Store Full Of People They Fight To Keep Me Out

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-23-13

2 Year After Police Shot And Kill Man In Front Of His Door Nobody Knows Why

WTF Submitted 3-23-13

Dog Gets A Grill

Funny Submitted 3-23-13

So True So True

Funny Submitted 3-23-13

Crazy Dude Goes Off On Everybody On NYC C Train

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-23-13

Gucci Mane Slaps A Fan Upside His Head With A Bottle Of Champange

WTF Submitted 3-23-13

Police Caught On Tape Slamming Man For No Apparent Reason And Bringing The Whole

In The News Submitted 3-23-13

Man Gets His Penis And Testicals Bite Off By Escort

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-21-13

Guy Knocks Himself Out While Trying To Get Away From The Police

WTF Submitted 3-20-13

Trinidad James Shows Off His Stains, WTF

WTF Submitted 3-19-13

Police Confiscates Womens 12,000 Tip Because Its Smelled Like Weed

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-19-13

Birdman Speaks On Lil Waynes Condition In The Hospital With Hot97 Deines Drugs I

Rumors Submitted 3-18-13

40 Glocc Speaks On Suing The Game

Video Submitted 3-18-13

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