Smoking Alcohol Vapors? Where They Do That At?

WTF Submitted 6-01-13

Beyonces Booty Grabber Speaks Out

Video Submitted 6-01-13

Benzino Explains Why He Calls Steve J Sleezy O

Video Submitted 5-31-13

Old School Rapper Keith Murray Claims To Have Beat 2pac's Ass

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-31-13

Fan Claims Rihanna's Lipstick Gave Her Herpes

In The News Submitted 5-31-13

So So Def CEO Goes From Money Ain't A Thing To Major Money Problems

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-31-13

NFL Kerry Rhodes Gets Real Close In Bed With His Personal Assistant

WTF Submitted 5-31-13

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Put In Work Over The Stove For Kanye West

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-31-13

Lebron James Shows You What It Means To Balling Drop House Money On Drinks

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-31-13

Internet Thuggin Gone Wrong!! Man Gets 6 Months For Making A Threat On Twitter

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-30-13

Costco Employee Gets Shot And Killed By Paranoid Cop For Carrying Knife

In The News Submitted 5-30-13

Man Learns A Hard Lesson About Trying To Drink Beer Upside Down

Funny Submitted 5-30-13

Man Gets 50 Years In Prison For Stealing A Pack Of Ribs

WTF Submitted 5-30-13

Cop Beats Up Man While Calling Him A Fag (Hate Crime) Gets Fired Then Gets Job Back

In The News Submitted 5-30-13

Andre 3000's Mom Found Dead In Her Home

In The News Submitted 5-29-13

State Trooper Kills Innocent Man With His Car, Police Blame The Man

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-29-13

Cop Sprays Crowd Like Roaches With A Huge Can Of Whoop Azz

WTF Submitted 5-29-13

Chief Keef Gets Busted Doing Double The Speed Limit 110 MPH In A 55

Crazy SOBs Submitted 5-28-13

The Definitions Of A SIMP

Video Submitted 5-28-13

Fan Gets Bold And Slaps Beyonce On The Booty

In The News Submitted 5-28-13

Nicki Minaj And Peter Rosenberg Face to Face To Clear Up The Past Beef

Video Submitted 5-28-13

Mom Humilites Daughter For Talking About Sex On Facebook

WTF Submitted 5-28-13

Miguel Goes In On Black People Via Twitter, Forgets That Being Judgmental

WTF Submitted 5-28-13

Be Careful What Sit You On, Man Butt Dials 911 And Details His Murder Plot

Funny Submitted 5-28-13

Papa John's Employee Accidentally Butt Dials Man And Goes On A Racist Rant

Funny Submitted 5-27-13

Trinidad James Says He Dumbs Down His Raps Because It Sells

WTF Submitted 5-26-13

Scott Storch Snorts Away His Publishing And Beat Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-25-13

50 Cent Covers Funeral Expensive For Girl That Was Killed On The School Bus

In The News Submitted 5-25-13

Pizza Man Turns Pizza He Is Delivering Into His Snack

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-25-13

Trayvon Martin Text Message's Get Released To Try To Help Zimmerman

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Brothers Get Into A Brawl Over Call Of Duty

Crazy SOBs Submitted 5-24-13

Kid Capri Breaks Down Why Air Force One's Fell Off

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Friday Hip Hop Report - Breaks The The Week Of 5/19-5/24

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Mom Has Soon Arrested For Eating Her Pop Tarts

WTF Submitted 5-24-13

Teen Goes Crazy On Bath Salts Can't Get Off The Ground, Whoa!!!

Crazy SOBs Submitted 5-24-13

Foxy Brown Threatens To Sue Over Rumor Jay-Z Gave Her An STD

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Cop Gets Shot In The Face During Traffic Stop

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Rapper Gets Accused Of Faking His Death

WTF Submitted 5-23-13

Miguel's Bad Night Summed Up In 1 Meme

Funny Submitted 5-22-13

Mary J Blidge Owes The IRS 3.5 Million

Funny Submitted 5-21-13

Do You Like What You See

Funny Submitted 5-21-13

Eve Speaks On Her Sex Tape,Being The 1st Female On Aftermath And More

WTF Submitted 5-20-13

The Internet Goes In On Drake

WTF Submitted 5-20-13

Miguel Snaps A Girls Neck With His Balls

Funny Submitted 5-20-13

Black Guy Gets Trapped In The Mosh Pit (Please Don't Spill My Drink)

Funny Submitted 5-18-13

Robbery Gone Bad Man Tries To Run But Gets Ran Into

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-18-13

Boyfriend Says No To Sex Girlfriend Decides To Bit It Off, OUCH

Crazy SOBs Submitted 5-18-13

Rihanna Opens It Up Live On Stage In More Ways Than One

In The News Submitted 5-18-13

Reward? Umm No Thanks!

Meme Submitted 5-17-13

Math Hoffa VS John John Da Don Battle

In The News Submitted 5-16-13

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