The Fear Of Media Take Out Sumed Up

In The News Submitted 8-27-13

Lil Wayne Fan Gangsta Leans His Out With Police

WTF Submitted 8-24-13

Cop Gets Fired For Recording His Boss Asking Him To Get Qoutas

In The News Submitted 8-20-13

Mom Forces Daughter To Lie On Her Dad 16 Years Later He's Still In Prison

WTF Submitted 8-18-13

Man Gets A Record Deal Off Of His Iphone Skills

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-18-13

Amber Rose Shows You How To Twerk

Video Submitted 8-18-13

Reason 101 To Always Keep Your Hard Hat On, OUCH

WTF Submitted 8-16-13

Kendrick Lamar And Phil Jackson Have An Exchange Of Words

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-13-13

50 Cent Brings Meek Mills On Stage And Fight Almost Breaks Out

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-11-13

George Zimmerman Gets Pulled Over For Speeding In Texas With His Gun In The Car

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-31-13

Jay Z Freestyle Footage Live Funk Master Flex

Video Submitted 7-29-13

Police Officer Shots And Kills Man For Not Complying After Shooting Him Tases Him

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-29-13

The Top 15 Jordans Of All Time

In The News Submitted 7-29-13

Fake Cops Robbing People Turn Out To Be Real Cops On A Robbing Spree

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-29-13

Coco Twerks On National TV

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-29-13

Cop Shoots Man In The Leg While He Searches For A Cigarette In His Drive Way

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-28-13

Woman Pulls Out Shotgun And Kills Man At Gas Station For Trying To Holla At Her

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-23-13

Raccoon Beats Up A Dog Till His Hero Owner Sends It Flying

Crazy SOBs Submitted 7-21-13

The History Of Sneaker Design

In The News Submitted 7-10-13

From Being A Real Rapper To A Rapper That Talks About Nothing... The Magna Carter

In The News Submitted 7-09-13

Most Rappers Are Lying About The Money They Make Find Out Who's Really Got It

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-09-13

Camera Man Gets Shots And Killed By Sniper He Is Trying To Record

Crazy SOBs Submitted 7-09-13

Man Breaks Into House And Gets Hogged Tied By Home Owner

WTF Submitted 7-04-13

What If Super Mario Brothers NES Was In HD

In The News Submitted 7-02-13

Police Officer Shots And Kills Dog, WTF

WTF Submitted 7-02-13

Reasons Twitter And Lolo Jones Should Stop Going In On Rachel Jeantel

Video Submitted 6-30-13

Records Labels Ain't The Only Ones Screwing The Artist Out Of Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-25-13

What Will.I.AM Looks For In An Entrepreneur With New Business Ideas

Video Submitted 6-24-13

The Difference Between A Go Getter And Worker Broken Down Easily For Your To Get

Video Submitted 6-24-13

Mimi Claims Her Daughter Won't Make The Same Dating Mistakes She Has

Video Submitted 6-24-13

When Waiting For The Next Train Is Not An Option

WTF Submitted 6-24-13

Real Life Cone Head Gets Stuck For 2 Hours

Funny Submitted 6-24-13

Lady Crushes Husband And Hits Her Head Killing Both While Learning How To Park A Car

WTF Submitted 6-24-13

Star Goes In On Drake For Being A Groupie The Music Industry And More

Video Submitted 6-23-13

So Whats A Molly Anyway

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-22-13

Megachurch Pastor Asks Congregation To Help Pay For Helicopter Upgrade

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-22-13

Pit Bull Attacks And Kills Its Owner

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-22-13

Police Caught In A Lie When Video Pops Up Of Them Shooting Family Dog

WTF Submitted 6-22-13

Drake Jodeci's Back Freestyle Feat J Cole Plus 3 More Freestyles

Audio Submitted 6-22-13

Drake Gets Denied Acces To The Heats Locker Room After Champion Ship Game

Funny Submitted 6-21-13

Hip Hop Week In Review 6/21/13 Jay-Z New Album, Rihanna Hits Fan, Ludacris Fight And More

Video Submitted 6-21-13

The Gap Accidentally Sends A Man Who Orders A Tie Identity Theft Care Package

WTF Submitted 6-21-13

Man Unhappy Doctor Leaves Him With 1 Inch Penis After Surgery Of His Huge Testicle

WTF Submitted 6-21-13

Carjacker Learns A He Can't Drive Stick After Stealing A Car

Funny Submitted 6-20-13

Topless Nicki Minaj Tweet Surfaces

In The News Submitted 6-20-13

5 Reasons A Jay Z Mixtape Would Be Dope

In The News Submitted 6-20-13

Vigin Airlines Decides To Make Glass Bottom Airplanes, WTF

WTF Submitted 6-20-13

Paula Deen Says She Uses The N-Word Because Growing Up Everybody Was Racist

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-20-13

Rapper Lil Snupe Shot And Killed In Louisiana

In The News Submitted 6-20-13

Drunk Guy Decides To Swing On Pilot

Crazy SOBs Submitted 6-19-13

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