Apple And Steve Jobs Gets Disrespected

In The News Submitted 9-16-13

Rich Homie Quan - Still Goin In Reloaded

Audio Submitted 9-15-13

Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Brings All 6 Of His Girlfriends To Fight See What Happens

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-15-13

Thinking About Getting A New Tattoo? The Gov Is Working On Making You Think Harder

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-15-13

Kat Stacks Goes Into Her Fall Out With WorldstarHipHop

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-15-13

Lil Waynes Son Tries Staying Up To Watch His Dad On TV But Doesn't Make It

Funny Submitted 9-15-13

Cop Tases Man Then Pulls Out His Gun And Shoots And Kills Him

WTF Submitted 9-15-13

Allen Iverson Claims To Be Broke

In The News Submitted 9-15-13

Dad And His Son Gets Attacked For Walking While Black

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-15-13

50 Speaks On Being Held Respobile For Destorying NY Hip Hop

In The News Submitted 9-15-13

Rick Ross Fan Passed Out

WTF Submitted 9-15-13

R & B Singer Who Almost Got Into A Fight With Gucci Mane Explains What Happened

Video Submitted 9-15-13

Nike Dunk High – Grey – Black – White

In The News Submitted 9-15-13

Dude Has A 3 Some With His GirlFriend And Cousin

WTF Submitted 9-15-13

Obese Women Sees Her Pussy Cat For The 1st Time

WTF Submitted 9-14-13

Find Out What People To Scared To Say It To Your Face Do, LOL

Funny Submitted 9-14-13

Lady With 35 Letter Last Name - Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele (Not A Prank)

WTF Submitted 9-14-13

Waka Flocka Responds To Gucci Mane Going Crazy, Not Smashing Nicki Minaj & More

In The News Submitted 9-14-13

(Not For The Weak)This Is What You Find When You Skin A Alligator (Legs, Arms, Legs)

WTF Submitted 9-14-13

Big Cat Acts Like Little Cat

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-14-13

Pretty Model Goes From Beauty To The Beast In Plastic Surgery Attempt

Funny Submitted 9-13-13

Why Some People Think Black Names Are Weird

In The News Submitted 9-13-13

Kanye West Goes To Jail

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-13-13

Gucci Mane Almost Gets Into A Fight At The Mall

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-13-13

Worst Customer Service Call

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-12-13

Baby Elephant Loses His Mind And Weeps After His Moms Tries To Kill Him

WTF Submitted 9-12-13

Kendrick Lamar Responds To Control Disses (Says They Need To Try Harder)

In The News Submitted 9-12-13

Rich Homie Quan - Some Type of Way (Gay) Parody

Funny Submitted 9-11-13

Kendrick Lamar Disses Meek Mills On Stage In New York City

In The News Submitted 9-11-13

Apple Introduces The New Iphone 5S And The Iphone 5C

In The News Submitted 9-10-13

Man Found Sleeping On Beach Gets Beat And Held Under Water By Police

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-10-13

The New Apple Iphone 5CF, LOL (Parody)

Funny Submitted 9-10-13

Gucci Mane Gets Dropped From Atlantic Record

In The News Submitted 9-09-13

1st Class Jails You Can Buy Anything For The Right Price

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-09-13

Math Hoffa Allegedly Knocks Out Serious Jones At Summer Maddness 3

In The News Submitted 9-09-13

Waitress Gets A Eff'd Up Tip From A Eff'd Customer

WTF Submitted 9-09-13

DMX Gets Caught Running Thru A Hotel Hallway Buttnaked, smdh

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-09-13

Eazy E Holgram Rocks The Stage With Bone Thugs And Harmony @ Rock The Bells

Video Submitted 9-08-13

Bull Gets Turned On By Bike

Funny Submitted 9-08-13

Papoose First Chain Remix ( Big Sean Diss )

Audio Submitted 9-08-13

Cassidy Catch A Body Meek Millz Diss

Audio Submitted 9-08-13

Watching This Might Make You Uncomfortable, Mustang Hangs And Stunts On A Crane

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-07-13

Lamar's New Job At State Farm, LOL

Funny Submitted 9-07-13

Twerking Gone Wrong

Funny Submitted 9-07-13

You Think The Person Texting You Back Is Lying? Your Probaly Right!

WTF Submitted 9-07-13

Meek Mills Finally Responds To Kendrick Lamar Control Diss

Audio Submitted 9-07-13

Rapper Gets Confronted By Man With Cerebral Palsy Over Diss Line

Funny Submitted 9-07-13

The Man Of Your Dreams

Funny Submitted 9-03-13

Kangaroo Tries To Drown Barking Dog

WTF Submitted 8-29-13

Vitamin Water Money VS Rap Money

WTF Submitted 8-29-13

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