Chinese Man Starts Growing Nose On His Forehead

WTF Submitted 9-28-13

Pastor Gets Shot And Killed During Service In Front Of A Crown Of 60

In The News Submitted 9-28-13

Drake Breaks Down What Happened With The Album He Was Producing For Aaliyah

Video Submitted 9-28-13

Nelly Breaks Down Street Cred, Relationships, And Staying Current In The Game

Video Submitted 9-28-13

Ace Hood Burns Down The Booth With A Crazy Freestyle

Video Submitted 9-28-13

Sexy Girls With Farting Problems On The 1st Date, LOL(PRANK)

Funny Submitted 9-28-13

Sling Shot Fail, You Will Never Guess What Happens

Funny Submitted 9-28-13

Meek Mill ft. Travis Scott, Birdman & Diddy I’m Leanin

Audio Submitted 9-28-13

Crown Height Brooklyn Shooting Caught On Tape Innocent Man Killed By Police

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-27-13

Motorcycle Crashes Into Truck In Head On Collision

WTF Submitted 9-26-13

Florida Women Who Got 20 Years Gets A New Trial Under Stand Your Ground

In The News Submitted 9-26-13

We Use To Be Tight, NSFW

WTF Submitted 9-26-13

The Man Who Put In The Work To Creat The Crack Epidemic

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-25-13

3 Lab 5 Design Jordans Elephant Skin

In The News Submitted 9-25-13

Florida Cop Runs Man Over In His Patrol Car Gets No Jail Time (Like Always)

WTF Submitted 9-25-13

Michael Jordans Black And Red 12's That Her Wore Game 5 On Ring

In The News Submitted 9-25-13

Rihanna Goes In On Teyana Taylor Via Twitter Teyana Taylor Responds

In The News Submitted 9-25-13

11 Rappers With That Hold The Crown For Some Of Hip Hops Worst Hairlines

Funny Submitted 9-25-13

Guy Turns His Rick Ross Beard To A Noodle Bowl

WTF Submitted 9-24-13

The Game Punches NBA Star Brandon Jennings In The Mouth

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-24-13

50 Cent Gets Into A Sparring Match To Show He's Still Got It

Video Submitted 9-24-13

Miley Needs To Stop

Funny Submitted 9-24-13

Rapper Gets Put On Blast By His Momma For Begging He Puts On Her Blast With Nude Pics

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-23-13

Obama Gets Caught On A Hot Mic Admitting What He Probably Never Would Do In Public

In The News Submitted 9-23-13

Nas Speaks On His Career And Meeting Snoop Dog Before He Thought Snoop New Who He Was

Video Submitted 9-23-13

Kanye West Goes In On The World

Video Submitted 9-23-13

Car VS Truck,

WTF Submitted 9-23-13

Footage Of Shootout In Kenya Nairobi Mall Shooting 68 Dead

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-22-13

Iphone 5S Finger Print Scanner Gets Hacked

In The News Submitted 9-22-13

Chicago Passes NYC As The U.S. Murder Capitol

In The News Submitted 9-18-13

Cubana Lust Talks About Leaving World Star Hip Hop, The Sexual Relationship And More

V-blogs Submitted 9-18-13

Fabolous Speaks On Why Jay Z Should Bring Back His Sneaker Line

In The News Submitted 9-18-13

News Reports Thinks This Stack Of Printer Paper In His Hands Is His Ipad, SMH

Funny Submitted 9-18-13

Smacks Talks About Banning Math Hoffa, SM3, Daylite Acting Up For 500.00 And More

V-blogs Submitted 9-17-13

Pirates Got The Business While Searching The Water For Stuff To Take By US Missle

In The News Submitted 9-17-13

Footage Of Math Hofffa Knocking Serious Jones Out (Clear Footage)

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-17-13

Mister Cee Comes Out Of The Closet

Video Submitted 9-16-13

What Dudes Be Like, With Bootleg Jordans

Funny Submitted 9-16-13

Nike Air Force 180 Mid, What Do You Think

In The News Submitted 9-16-13

Rich Homie Quan Gets Iced Out In Houston For The Show

Video Submitted 9-16-13

Drakes Effect On The Young Black Man

WTF Submitted 9-16-13

Never Bring A Knife To A Shoe Fight, WTF

WTF Submitted 9-16-13

NYPD Opens Fire On Man Running Hitting 2 Innocent Bystanders (FOOTAGE)

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-16-13

Tammi Roman Of Basketball Wives Says The Show Almost Over And Speaks On Her Beefs

Video Submitted 9-16-13

Charlmange Speaks On Lamar Odom Being Smoking Crack

Video Submitted 9-16-13

Who Said Rich And Famous Rappers Didn't Do Normal Sh**?

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-16-13

Think You Aren't Scared Of Clowns? Think Again!

WTF Submitted 9-16-13

Mack Maine Gets Arrested And Charged With Sexual Assault

In The News Submitted 9-16-13

Most Creative MMA Fight Moves That'll Break Ya Ass Down

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-16-13

Obama Twin Robbs Bank

Crazy SOBs Submitted 9-16-13

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