50 Cent Acting American Gangster Audition Tape Leaks Shows Him Fake Crying

In The News Submitted 10-22-13

Kanye West Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise At His Concert

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-22-13

P Diddy Launches Revolt TV

In The News Submitted 10-21-13

Drunk Driver Slams Head 1st Into 18 Wheeler And Lands On His Ass

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-20-13

Hair Brush Drive Bye , Crowd Makes A Run A For It

Funny Submitted 10-20-13

Teenager Pawns 100k In Jewels Because Hackers Told Him They Had A Video Of Him

Submitted 10-19-13

Jay Z Name Drops!! Wonder If He Gets A Check For All The Free Ads

In The News Submitted 10-19-13

Apple Hires Burberry CEO

In The News Submitted 10-15-13

Chief Keef Gets Sent To Jail Over A Dirty Urine Test

In The News Submitted 10-15-13

Gillie The Kid Speaks On His Beef With Meek Millz

Video Submitted 10-15-13

Taye Diggs Face Plants A Chair, LMAO

Funny Submitted 10-15-13

Hide Your Young Boys, 31 Your Old Women Posses As Teen To Seduce Young Men

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-14-13

Best Way To Check A B*%ch

Meme Submitted 10-13-13

Worst Driver Ever Gets Stuck In The Parking Lot, SMDH

Funny Submitted 10-13-13

Texas Women Gives Man The Business For Not Wanting To Pay Up

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-13-13

Woman Dangles For Dear Life From The Top Of A Bridges That Opens Up On Her

WTF Submitted 10-13-13

Policer Officer Tells Black We Don't Want You Here All You Do Is Weaken The Country

WTF Submitted 10-12-13

LAPD Dogs Found To Only Bite Blacks And Hispanics

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-12-13

Rappers Running Out Of Things To Talk About

In The News Submitted 10-12-13

Pinky Addresses Rumors Of Her And Chris Brown Smashing

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-12-13

When Giving Somebody A Ride Goes Wrong

Funny Submitted 10-11-13

Mexican Women Ends Up Giving Birth On Front Lawn After Being Denied Help By Doctor

WTF Submitted 10-11-13

Camron Speaks On Jay Z Rocafella, His New Mixtape, Him And Mase Fall Out

Video Submitted 10-11-13

Stripper Flips Out On Dude Because He Wouldn't Let Her Give Him A Lap Dance

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-10-13

Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change (AUDIO)

Audio Submitted 10-10-13

Eminem Prepares Marshall Matters 2 Album - November 5th

Audio Submitted 10-10-13

Oliva AKA Raven Knows Best

Funny Submitted 10-10-13

Drake Album Review Given From The User Comments Point Of View, LOL

Funny Submitted 10-10-13

3 Year Old Has Potty Problems Caught Thinking Out Loud

Funny Submitted 10-10-13

Nike Brings The Airmax 90 Zebra

In The News Submitted 10-10-13

Detroit Mayor Kwame Gets 28 Years In Prison For Corruption Charges

In The News Submitted 10-10-13

Police Officer Slams 110lb Women Face 1st In Cement Bench In Jail

WTF Submitted 10-10-13

Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, And More Artist Gets To Read Mean Tweets People Write About Them

Funny Submitted 10-10-13

Miami Police Get Caught Stealing Peoples Identities To File Fake Tax Returns

In The News Submitted 10-09-13

DJ Khaled Claims Rick Ross Is The New Biggie And Pac

Video Submitted 10-09-13

Jay Z Buys 100 Copies Of Nipsey Hustles Album At 100.00 Each

Audio Submitted 10-09-13

3 6 Mafia Speak On There Up And Coming Reunion

Video Submitted 10-09-13

The Game Speaks On Leaving Interscope

Video Submitted 10-09-13

Seal Escapes Death By Ducking And Dodging Sharks Teeth On His Nose

WTF Submitted 10-09-13

Email Help For Addict

Funny Submitted 10-08-13

2 High Rappers Share The Same Space And Get Into All The Latest News

Video Submitted 10-08-13

Arizona Ice Tea Writes An Open Letter To Miley Cyrus

In The News Submitted 10-08-13

Chris Brown Talks About Being Raped As A Kid

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-08-13

Police High Speed Chase From The Inside Of The Getaway Car, WOW

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-08-13

P. Diddy Speaks On Almost Becoming The 1st Hip Hop Billionaire

Video Submitted 10-08-13

R. Kelly Makes Eating An Oreo Cookie Something Sexual

Audio Submitted 10-07-13

Azealia Banks Gets Hit In The Head With A Can Live On Stage

In The News Submitted 10-07-13

Frenchie Of Brick Squad Says Gucci Mane Needs Meds And Calls Out Rapper Hood Hopping

Video Submitted 10-07-13

Mase Comes Out And Defends Biggie

In The News Submitted 10-07-13

Website Sets Up Online Blind Dates Too Many Ways For This To Go Wrong, SMH

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-07-13

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