Bully Knocks Herself Out Trying Slam Grab Her Victim

WTF Submitted 12-05-13

Jazze Pha Comes Up On The Down Low List When Rumors And A Pic Put Him With A Dude

In The News Submitted 12-05-13

Joe Buddens Does The Math On How Women Bad Chics End Up Smashing Over 100 Dudes

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-05-13

Jay Z Runs Down A List Of His Best To Worst Albums

In The News Submitted 12-05-13

GTFOH, Family Upset That There Family Member Got Shot While Trying To Rob Store

WTF Submitted 12-03-13

Harry Belafonte Goes In On Jay-Z

In The News Submitted 12-01-13

Love Snapchat? Now The Have The Text Version To Auto Erase Your Drunk Text

In The News Submitted 11-22-13

1 Of Hip Hops Greatest Albums Ever Made Turns 20 Today

In The News Submitted 11-22-13


In The News Submitted 11-22-13

Shark Gets Rescued By 2 Men After Nearly Choking Too Death On A Moose

WTF Submitted 11-21-13

Nas Claims Hip Hop Has Lost Its Integrity And More

In The News Submitted 11-21-13

Girl Tweets 2 Drunk To Care Before Killing Two Going The Wrong Way On The Highway

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-21-13

Police Shoot Up Mini Van Full Of Kids

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

Adele Turns Down 19 Million Dollar Contract Says She Refuses To Sell Out

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-17-13

Confessions Of A Groupie

In The News Submitted 11-17-13

Crows Be On The Look Out, LOL

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-17-13

Teacher Pleads Guilty To Spoon Feeding Students Semem Laced Cookies, WTF

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

3000 People Doing Life For 23 Petty Crimes, SMDH

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

10 Rappers Thats Been Accussed Of Having HIV/AIDS

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-17-13

Playstation 4 Owers Upset About Being The Crash Test Dummies For The New System, SMH

In The News Submitted 11-17-13

Teenager Who Runs Anti Snitching Twitter Account Gets Arrested For Snitching

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

K. Michelle Gets Caught Live On Stage Rocking A Camel Toe

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

Federal Informant Claims Jimmy Henchman Put Hit On Suge Knight

In The News Submitted 11-17-13

Kanye West Swings On 1 And Knocks Out Another Man From The Paparazzi

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-11-13

Miely Cyrus Smokes A Joint Live On Stage

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-11-13

Mike Tyson Claims He Had So Much Sex In Jail He Couldn't Work Out

In The News Submitted 11-11-13

Wiz Khalifa Loses His Cool On Danish Reporter That Pisses Him Off

Video Submitted 11-11-13

Guy Finds The Perfect Place To Smoke Weed TillHe Gets Caught And Can't Escape

WTF Submitted 11-10-13

Louisiana Family Kills Their Relatives Ex-Boyfriend And Rescues Her From A Kidnapping

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-10-13

Back Flip Gone Wrong

Funny Submitted 11-10-13

Star Speaks Happy About DMX Arrest, Speaks On LHHNY, Kevin Terry Gay Sex Tape & More

Video Submitted 11-06-13

Pinky Proves She Does Not Have HIV

In The News Submitted 11-06-13

Police Get Man Butt Raped At The Hospital After Assuming He Has Drugs

WTF Submitted 11-05-13

Whats The Difference Between Me And You?

Funny Submitted 11-04-13

Why Playing With Fire Near A Gas Pump Is A Bad Idea..

Funny Submitted 11-04-13

For The Dirty Minded People

Funny Submitted 11-04-13

Big Girl And You Know It - Drake Parody

Funny Submitted 11-03-13

Mom Dresses Her Son As A KKK Member For Halloween Claims Its Family Tradition

WTF Submitted 11-03-13

Nicki minaj Responds To Kendrick Lamar Claims To Be King And Queen On New York

In The News Submitted 11-03-13

Suge Knight Claims Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine Is The KKK

In The News Submitted 11-03-13

Girl Dresses As Boston Marathon Victim For Halloween, Internet Gives Her The Business

WTF Submitted 11-03-13

If We Could Only Un Do All That's Been Done, Lil Kim Then And Now

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-03-13

And You Thought I Wanted That Person Back?

Funny Submitted 11-03-13

Women Attacks And Mace's New Reporter After Home Invasion At Her House

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-03-13

Dudes On Instagram Be Like

Funny Submitted 10-27-13

Jay Z Responds To Barney's Racial Profiling

Submitted 10-26-13

The Man Who Allegedly Set Up 2pac Jimmy Henchman Gets Life In Prison

In The News Submitted 10-26-13

Black Male Gets Arrested For Buying A FerragamoBelt Because Store Felt It Should

In The News Submitted 10-23-13

Plies Speaks On His Street Cred, Goes In On Stink Strippers, Talks His Music And More

Video Submitted 10-23-13

Hands On With The Ipad Air

In The News Submitted 10-23-13

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