Loaded Lux Vs Hollow Da Don FULL BATTLE

Video Submitted 1-27-14

Drake Goes In On Macklemore For Winning Album Of Year

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-27-14

Nas Speaks On Hip Hop And All The White Rappers

Video Submitted 1-27-14

Fans Respond To Pharrells Hat On Twitter Lets Him Have It

Funny Submitted 1-26-14

Tyler Gets A HairCut, SMH

Funny Submitted 1-26-14

DMX Crashes A Strangers Wedding Party

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-26-14

Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 Anthracite/Gym Red-Black-Team Red

In The News Submitted 1-26-14

Young Money Rapper Tyga Ordered To Pay Big Money For Failing To Pay Jeweler

In The News Submitted 1-26-14

Truck Looses Control And Slams Into Crowd On The Side Of The Road

WTF Submitted 1-26-14

Maybe Guys Should Start Complaining Too

Meme Submitted 1-26-14

Brother Shoots And Kills His Sister For Putting Too Much Bleach On His Clothes

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-25-14

Biggie Ex Wife Faith Evens Says The LAPD Knows Who Killed Biggie

In The News Submitted 1-25-14

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spoof N****A Turtles, LMAO

Funny Submitted 1-25-14

Florida Man Beats Handicap Uncle With A Toilet Seat

WTF Submitted 1-25-14

Kevin Hart Sends A Message To Justin Bieber

In The News Submitted 1-25-14

Bill O'Rielly Tells Black Man In A Suit And Tie He Looks Like A Cocaine Dealer

WTF Submitted 1-24-14

A Stuck Elevator You Would Hate To Be On

WTF Submitted 1-24-14

Jay Z Gets Slapped With A 600 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over The Brooklyn Nets

In The News Submitted 1-24-14

Jadakiss - I'm A Stoner New Music

Audio Submitted 1-24-14

MSNBC Interrupts Report With A Congress Women To Talk About Justin Bieber, LOL

Funny Submitted 1-24-14

Tahiry And Rashidah Almost Throw Blows Threatens To Drag Her Sneak Peak LHHNY

Video Submitted 1-23-14

Wale Pens A Letter His Fans About His Disappearance From Social Media

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-23-14

Meek Mills Denies Ever Trying To Holla @ Elle Varner And Being Rejected

In The News Submitted 1-23-14

Bow Wow Allegedly Gets Fired From 106 And Park For Stealing Company Money

In The News Submitted 1-23-14

YG Ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill & Rich Homie Quan - My N*gga (Remix)

Audio Submitted 1-23-14

Wendy Williams Reveals A Deep Down Secret About Her Son Breaks Down In Tears

In The News Submitted 1-22-14

Rick Ross Speaks On Buying Evander Holyfields Old Mansion

In The News Submitted 1-22-14

Man Chases Down Teen That Was In His Backyard And Killed Him For No Reason

In The News Submitted 1-22-14

Wrong On So Many Levels Broncos Fans Makes Fun Of A Handicap Deformed Man

Funny Submitted 1-22-14

Women Gets Beaten To Death At The Club Over A Photo Bomb She Didn't Do On Purpose

WTF Submitted 1-22-14

Kanye West Before And After Dating Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose

WTF Submitted 1-22-14

Peter Gunz And Amina Of LHHNY Caught At The Welfare Office Waiting There Turn

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-22-14

Double Standard? Man Gets 35 Years For Killing A Police Dog

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-22-14

Kid Gets Ran Over By A Car And Lives To Tell About It, OUCH

WTF Submitted 1-22-14

Mister Cee Comes Clean About His Secret Double Life

In The News Submitted 1-22-14

10 Songs Hip Hop Songs With Famous Ghost Writers That People Never Knew About

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-22-14

C'Mon Son 76 Ed Lover Goes In On Kanye West, A Rod, The Golden Globes And More

Funny Submitted 1-22-14

Michelle Obama Video Bombs With Lebron James And Dwayne Wade

Funny Submitted 1-22-14

Bad Parents, Baby Filmed Walking On Window Ledge From A High Rise

WTF Submitted 1-21-14

Kim Kardashian Goes Thru A Wardrobe Malfunction

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-21-14

Katt Williams Just Because Its Says Private Number Doesn't Mean I Don't Know Its You

Meme Submitted 1-21-14

Woman Gets Her Teacher To Confess That She Sexually Violated Her

WTF Submitted 1-21-14

Arrest Warrant Issued For Suge Knight AGAIN

In The News Submitted 1-21-14

Fat Guy Getting His Pretty Ricky Dance Steps On possible NSFW

Funny Submitted 1-21-14

Joe Buddens Says He Is Never Proposing To Tahiry Again

Video Submitted 1-21-14

FBI Claims They Don't Keep Track Of Police Brutality Of Shooting And Beating People

In The News Submitted 1-20-14

Rick Ross Speaks On What Actually Got Dr. King Killed Is Telling Blacks To Buy Land

Video Submitted 1-20-14

Young Bucks Speaks On G Unit Reunion, Jail Time, The Fakeness In The Rap Game & More

Video Submitted 1-20-14

Office Max Sends Man Mail As Guy Who's Daughter Died In A Car Crash

WTF Submitted 1-20-14

Madonna Calls Her Son The N Word On Instagram

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-20-14

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