Michael Dunn Guilty On 3 Counts Of Attempted Murder Mistrial On The Murder Charge

In The News Submitted 2-15-14

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Her Controversial Cover And Apology Also Talks Pink Friday 2

Video Submitted 2-13-14

Man Does A Drive By On Amish In A Buggy

WTF Submitted 2-13-14

Never Heard Before 2pac Interview With Angie Martinez

Video Submitted 2-13-14

Lil Kim Prengnant Reveals Her Baby Daddy

In The News Submitted 2-13-14

Michael Dunn's Neighbor Speaks On His Violent And Arrogant Old Neighbor

In The News Submitted 2-13-14

Dr Dre Sues His Old Label Death Row Records For 3 Million In Unpaid Royalties

In The News Submitted 2-11-14

T Pain Goes In On Hip Hop Homophobia For 6 Minutes Straight DAM!!! HILLARIOUS

Video Submitted 2-10-14

Danny Brown Talks Depression And Suicide On Twitter Reason For His Drug Us

WTF Submitted 2-10-14

Samuel L Jackson Gives A Reporter The Business For Thinking He Is Laurence Fishburn

Funny Submitted 2-10-14

Women Bust Shots At McDonalds For Forgetting The Bacon On Her Burger

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-10-14

Jhene Aiko Allegedly Prego With A Baby Drake

In The News Submitted 2-10-14

Most Sampled Artist Off All TIme

In The News Submitted 2-10-14

Up And Coming Rapper Young Thug Almost Out Of The Closet

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-10-14

Very Very Angry White Man Gets Told To Do WHAT!!!

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-10-14

Mase Speaks On Almost Swinging On J.Cole And Not Geetting His Props In Hip Hop

Video Submitted 2-09-14

Man Gets On The Highway Going 100 MPH In The Wrong Direction Crashes And Kills 5

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-09-14

EX- Russian Figure Skator Gets Racist On Obama And Michelle

WTF Submitted 2-08-14

Footage Of Retired Cop Shooting Man In Movie Theatre For Thowing Popcorn

In The News Submitted 2-08-14

Man Does 21 Years For A Crime He Didn't Commit

WTF Submitted 2-08-14

Miami Police Officer Gets Called To A Store For Theft Steals 700.00 Watch While There

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-08-14

The Man George Zimmerman Should Really Be Fighting

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-07-14

Trinidad James Goes To Jail Find Out Why

In The News Submitted 2-07-14

Jay Z Films Beyonce Taking Diving Off Of A Yact

Video Submitted 2-07-14

New High Tech Shot To Close Up Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds

WTF Submitted 2-05-14

DMX Is Now The New George Zimmerman Contender For The Fight

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-05-14

Chic Decides To Eat Her Designer Bag On The Train

WTF Submitted 2-05-14

Man Allegedly Shot By NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Gets Shot Again

In The News Submitted 2-03-14

Bottle Throwing A$$ Ni88a Skit, Getting At Artist From The Crowd, LMAO

Funny Submitted 2-03-14

CBS Accidentally Airs Its Super Secret SuperBowl Password Live On The Air

Funny Submitted 2-02-14

Guy With 30 Inch Rims Gets Stuck In 2 Inches Of Snow

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-02-14

How To Catch A Hoodrat

Funny Submitted 2-02-14

What Happens To A Cheating Boyfriend When He's Not Home

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-02-14

Justin Bieber And His Friend Khalil Share A Strippers Nipple... NSFW

WTF Submitted 2-02-14

Rappers With Beef That Need To Do Some Music Together Or Maybe Not

WTF Submitted 2-01-14

MTV Cribs Revisits Redmans Cribs To See What It Looks Like Now, Classic Moment

Funny Submitted 2-01-14

George Zimmerman Agrees To A PPV Boxing Match With The Game Turns Down DMX

In The News Submitted 2-01-14

The Death Of The Eastcoast Producers

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-01-14

Cops Gets Fired For Cutting Girls Weave Off, (But Rarely Fired For Shooting People)

WTF Submitted 1-31-14

Cops Skip The Door Bell With Warrant And Can't Break Down The Door

Funny Submitted 1-30-14

Hot 97 Ebro And Buckshot Gets Into A Heated Debate About Radio Stations Killing Music

WTF Submitted 1-30-14

Camron Takes His Hustle Seriously, Signs Up To Fight Bernard Hopkins On PPV

In The News Submitted 1-30-14

Lil Boosie Expected To Get Out Of Jail In Febuary

In The News Submitted 1-29-14

Pizza Hut Manager Goes To Jail For Spitting On A Policer Officer's Pizza

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-29-14

Loaded LUX Calls Out Murder Mook For A Rematch After A Win Against Hollow Da Don

Video Submitted 1-29-14

P. Diddy Allegedly Woking On Shutdown His Fames Bad Boy Records

In The News Submitted 1-29-14

Crazy Man Grabs The Wheel Of The City Bus And Sends It Swerving

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-29-14

Republican Congressman Threatens To Throw New Reporter Over The Balcony

In The News Submitted 1-29-14

Kevin Hart, Plays The Quote See How Many Answers You Can Get

Video Submitted 1-28-14

Man Gets Let Out Of Jail Once A Month To Go Smoke Marijuana And Come Back

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-28-14

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