Cop opens Fire On 70 Year Old Man Who Reached For His Cane

WTF Submitted 3-13-14

YOLO Police Departments, REALLY!!!

WTF Submitted 3-13-14

Gonorrhea On The Verge Of Become Uncureable Like HIV, Strap Up

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-13-14

George Zimmerman Parents Files A Lawsuit On A Famous Actor Over A Tweet

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-13-14

Chico (From Friday)Dog Attacks Get His Ankle Biting On

In The News Submitted 3-13-14

X BOX Live Goes Down On Launch Of Titanfall There Make It Or Break It Title

In The News Submitted 3-11-14

Lil Boosie Speaks On Writing 1018 Songs, A Movie And A Book While In Prison

In The News Submitted 3-11-14

Master P Writes Allhiphop After His Brother C Murder Says He Does Not Love Him

In The News Submitted 3-11-14

J. Lo Says She Would Let P.Diddy And Ben Affleck Drown

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-11-14

This Could Be Us!!!

Funny Submitted 3-11-14

Nicki Minaj And Her Boo Celebrates

In The News Submitted 3-10-14

Lil Boosie Welcome Home Party In N.O. Live Press Conference Later On Today

In The News Submitted 3-10-14

Man Spends 27 Days In Jail In 2 States Due To Police Work, SMH

WTF Submitted 3-09-14

Family Eat LSD Laces Steak From Walmart

WTF Submitted 3-09-14

Marlon Waynes And Lord Jamar Have A Roast On Twitter Over Omar Epss Skirt Wearing

Funny Submitted 3-09-14

Rappers That Predicted They Own Deaths

WTF Submitted 3-09-14

Texas Inmate Pens A Letter That's So Real Its Worth The Read

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-08-14

Chieif Keef Fresh Out Of Rehab Proves Rehab Doesn't Work

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-08-14

What Ever Happened To All The Female Rappers?

In The News Submitted 3-04-14

50 Gets Upset When He Hears The Truth

In The News Submitted 3-02-14

The Game Allegedly Was Smashing Kim K Before Kanye West

In The News Submitted 2-28-14

Snoop Dogg Gets His Nails Done Fans React

WTF Submitted 2-28-14

Da Brat Keeps It Real After Busting Womens Face Open And Says She Can't Afford To Pay

Video Submitted 2-28-14

Favorite Rap Artist By State Jay Z And Drake Dominate The Country

WTF Submitted 2-27-14

Man Blows A 0.00 Get Arrested For DUI By Arrogant Cop

WTF Submitted 2-27-14

Rihanna Twerks All Over Drake Live On Stage

Funny Submitted 2-26-14

Kat Stacks Gets Put On Blast By Fabolous Brother

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-26-14

City Bus Turned Tow Truck Crashes

Funny Submitted 2-26-14

Rick Ross Explained How Him And Young Jeezy Squashed There Beef

Audio Submitted 2-26-14

Inmates In Jail Believe They Treat People Better Than Non Inmates

WTF Submitted 2-25-14

Spike Lee Goes Off About Gentrification ( The Moving Around Of Poor People )

In The News Submitted 2-25-14

Toll Booth Operator Ends Up Where Lightning Strikes Twice

WTF Submitted 2-24-14

NFL Plans On Punshing Teams For Players Using The N-Word

In The News Submitted 2-24-14

Inmate Takes On Gucci Mane's Case To Get Him Out Of Jail

WTF Submitted 2-24-14

NIcki Minaj Gets Sued For 30 Million Over Wigs

In The News Submitted 2-22-14

School Principal Caught Dragging Kindergarten Student Down The Hall By His Leg

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-22-14

Mexico Drug Kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Arrested By U.S. & Mexican Authorities

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-22-14

Police Charge Man With Assault After Beating They Beat His Ass (Cops Gone Wild)

In The News Submitted 2-22-14

Police Officer Shots And Kills A Teen With Remote In His Hand

WTF Submitted 2-19-14

Netflix Spoof For TV Surfers That Never Really Watch Anything, LOL

Funny Submitted 2-18-14

Man Gets Caught Robbing House And Is Hogged Tied On Top Of An Ant Pile, OUCH

WTF Submitted 2-18-14

Man Hugs Girl Friend Then Commits Suicide Over Possible Break Up

In The News Submitted 2-18-14

Capital One Tells Card Owners It Will Start Acting Like A Probation Officer

WTF Submitted 2-18-14

New Mix Of Herion Kills 80 In A Few Weeks, SMH

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-17-14

10 Rappers That's Falling Off A Don't Even Know It

Submitted 2-17-14

Construction Crew Finds The Remains Of People While Digging The Street Up

In The News Submitted 2-17-14

Carmelo Anthony Names His Top 3 NBA Players

In The News Submitted 2-17-14

NYPD Breaks A Kids Leg For Recording Him

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-17-14

Cali Cop Tases The Life Out Of A Deaf Man For Not Listening (Problem Is He Is Deaf)

WTF Submitted 2-17-14

Pastor Known For Bringing Rattle Snakes To Church Gets Bitten And Dies

WTF Submitted 2-17-14

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