Man Acts A Fool On Top Of A SUV Then Strips Naked To Keep Police Off Him

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-21-14

Man Stop Women From Getting Beat By Her Man Couple Returns Killing Him

In The News Submitted 3-21-14

Anger Man Claims A Bomb Is In His Butt, Gets More Than He Bargained For

Funny Submitted 3-21-14

Arkansas Parents Brawl At High School Over Kids Getting Bullied

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-21-14

Omar Epps Speaks On Seeing 2pac 30 Minutes Before He Died With Larry King

Video Submitted 3-20-14

Man Does A Hand Stand 40 Floors Up Just To Prove A Point!!!! CRAZY

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-20-14

Anita Baker Wanted For A Bench Warrant

In The News Submitted 3-20-14

Man Wanted For Sucking Random Strangers Toes At Walmart While She Tried On Shoes

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-20-14

Crazy Wheel Of Fortune Win You Would Never Guess The Answer

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-20-14

Nicki Minaj Offers Cameron Diaz Dating Advice

Video Submitted 3-20-14

Beyonce Reportedly Spends 145K On A New Weave

In The News Submitted 3-20-14

Hitman Shoots Cashier In The Face

WTF Submitted 3-20-14

Transsexual Battle Rapper VS White Rapper For The Crown WTF

WTF Submitted 3-19-14

Man On Bike Gets Hit By A Car Lands On A Matress

Funny Submitted 3-19-14

Top Russian Aid Gets Banned From A VISA Says He Dont Mind Only Likes Tupac

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-18-14

This Prank Might Get You Killed

Funny Submitted 3-18-14

Bill O'Rielly Calls Beyonce A Thug

WTF Submitted 3-18-14

Man Faces Felony Charges For Talking Too Long

WTF Submitted 3-18-14

FOX 31 Airs A NSFW Dic Pic During The News On IPAD Display

Funny Submitted 3-18-14

Soulja Boy - King Mixtape 2 Mixtape And Download

Audio Submitted 3-18-14

Tractor Driver Has A Bad Day When His Luck Goes Wrong 3 Times In A Row

Funny Submitted 3-18-14

Peter Rosenberg Says What Most People Suspected Jay Z Riding Kanye West Coat Tail

Video Submitted 3-18-14

Chris Brown Still Dealing With Backlash Over Beating Rihanna Goes To Jail

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-18-14

Chief Keef Gets Arrest Again For A DUI

In The News Submitted 3-18-14

When Bae Gets Knocked Out

Meme Submitted 3-18-14

Camron Shows Off His New Fashion Cap

Video Submitted 3-17-14

Reporters Reaction To Earthquake Live On TV, Priceless!!!

Funny Submitted 3-17-14

How Much Money Does Rick Ross Have In His Bank Account?

In The News Submitted 3-17-14

Big Girl Gets Her Freak On With Jamie Fox Live On Stage

Funny Submitted 3-17-14

Mater P Tells EX Wife She Can Have It All If She Can Pass A Drug Test

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-16-14

Girl Goes In For 80.00 Butt Shots Ends Up With Silicon In Her Veins And Dies

In The News Submitted 3-16-14

Dog Gets Busted On Hidden Camera Violating The House Rules

Funny Submitted 3-16-14

Teen Jumps Out Of Moving Train Possibly Breaking Some Ribs On A Dare

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-16-14

Lil Wayne Speaks On Being Shot At By A Female Fan

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-16-14

Why You Should Never Smoke And Drive

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-15-14

A Day In The Life Of A Gangsta

Funny Submitted 3-15-14

California Radio Station Has Been Playing Nelly Hott In Here For Over 24 Hours, WHY?

In The News Submitted 3-15-14

Joel Osteens Church Gets 600 Grand In Tithes He Made In A Day Stolen

In The News Submitted 3-15-14

Mekhi Phifer Speaks On His Old Rapping, 8 Mile, His New Movie And More

Video Submitted 3-14-14

Diddy Lets His Baby Mama Drown In Debt By Refusing To Help Save Her Mansion

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-14-14

Lil Boosie Speaks On Quitting Drugs And His Up And Coming Music

Video Submitted 3-14-14

LA Man Gets Arrested For Twitter Post 100 Retweets And I'll Shoot Someone

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-14-14

Side Man Meets The Main Man

Funny Submitted 3-14-14

Should The Word Bossy Be Banned When It Comes To Women?

In The News Submitted 3-14-14

Dancehall Artist Vybez Cartel Found Guilty Of Murder

In The News Submitted 3-13-14

Reddit Ask Does Jay-Z Have Anything Important To Say Anymore? Does He?

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-13-14

Memphis Bleek Says You Can't Compare BIGGIE to 2PAC

Video Submitted 3-13-14

Every Teenage Boys Nightmare, Dad Catches Teen In His Daughters Bed And Kills Him

In The News Submitted 3-13-14

Man Put Police On A Chase Thru SXSW Crowd Running Over 23 Killing 2 In Austin TX

Crazy SOB's Submitted 3-13-14

3 Words You Never Want To Here During Sex

Funny Submitted 3-13-14

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