August Alsina Lets 106 And Park Host Have It For Questioning Him And Trey Songz Beef

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-16-14

Wheel Of Fotune Worst Contestant EVER,

Funny Submitted 4-16-14

Chingy Speaks On Rumors Of Him Dating Transgender Sidney Starr Causing Him To Lose His Record Deal (Not His Music)

In The News Submitted 4-15-14

**NSFW** Soulja Boy Gets Put On Blast When His Side Piece Put Out His Selife D Pic,SMH

In The News Submitted 4-15-14

Camron Goes In On Nick Cannon Brings Mariah Into It

Funny Submitted 4-15-14

Miami Coast Guard Seizes 7000 Pounds Of Coke

In The News Submitted 4-15-14

Bear Escapes From The Zoo Gets Chased Down And Runs Into The Wall Head First

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-15-14

**NSFW** US Airways Responds To Unhappy Customer Tweet With Plane In A Vagina Tweet

WTF Submitted 4-15-14

Aye Verb breaks down battle rap Load Lux And More In 2 Hour Interview

Audio Submitted 4-15-14

Man Pulls An SK Out On A Police Officer And They Shoot It Out

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-15-14

Mimi Sex Tape Shower Rod Meme Goes Crazy

Funny Submitted 4-15-14

Shootout In Philly Hotel Caught On Camera, WHOA

WTF Submitted 4-10-14

Feds Throw Al Sharpton Under The Bus For Being A One Time Informant (They Must Want The Mob To Get Revenge)

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-10-14

Cop Gets Fired For Stopping Other Officers From Beating The Crap Out Of A Defenseless Teenager(Another Reason Nobody Trust The Police Anymore)

WTF Submitted 4-10-14

Newspaper Prints Racist Obama Story

WTF Submitted 4-09-14

Star Speaks On Al Sharpton Being A Snitch For The Feds,Attempt To Ban Mike Vick, Drake And More

Video Submitted 4-09-14

Marlon Wayans Speaks On Going Independent, Beef With Lord Jamar, Haunted House 2 And More

Video Submitted 4-09-14

Women Gets Caught Smuggling Drugs In A Fake Baby Bump

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-09-14

Khloe Kardashian And French Montana Hit The Strip Club Boo'd Up

In The News Submitted 4-08-14

50 Cent Ordered To Pay 16 Million Over Headphones After He Loses His Lawsuit (2 Weeks After Winning WSHH Lawsuit)

In The News Submitted 4-08-14

Mizhani Talks How She Got Into Stripping, King Of Diamonds, Working The Pole, Miami, Dancing, And More

Video Submitted 4-08-14

I Don' Give A !*** Today Meme

Funny Submitted 4-08-14

Good Deed SlU Basketball Players Take Homeless Man Shopping, Gets Him A Haircut, And Some Food.... Makes His Day

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-08-14

News Reporter Ends Interview Takes A Turn For The Worst When She Falls Camera Crew Gives Her Electrical Equipment To Help, LOL

Funny Submitted 4-08-14

Man Doesn't Relize That His Girlfriend Fell Off His Bike And Is Being Dragged Behind Him

WTF Submitted 4-08-14

Sway Speaks On Music Stats, Erika Ramirez Responds to Jermaine Dupri Saying Kate Perry Replaced Mariah Carey And More

Video Submitted 4-08-14

Project Pat Gives His Craziest Groupie Story, Talks NY Hip Hop, Credit Card Scams, Gives Advise And More Part 1 And 2

Video Submitted 4-08-14

NSFW- Grandma Bust Out Dancing In Her Draws Shocks The Neighborhood

WTF Submitted 4-08-14

When Jay Z 1st Saw Beyonce

Funny Submitted 4-08-14

Man Gets Freed 25 Years Later After He Proves That He Was At Disney World During Murder

Video Submitted 4-08-14

Kevin Hart Proves Why He Does Comedy And Not R & B

Funny Submitted 4-08-14

A Day In The Life Of Soulja Boy Gets A New Face Tat

Video Submitted 4-06-14

Charlmange Da God Speaks About A Fans 1st Reaction Was DAM YOU UGLY IN PERSON, story funny AF

Funny Submitted 4-06-14

Rules To Smashing Your Homeboys Girl

WTF Submitted 4-06-14

Young Thug - Stoner Parody (Young Thug Rapper About Dudes That Get Him Off)

Funny Submitted 4-06-14

Drake Acts Like The Proud Girlfriend Or NBA Star Groupie

Funny Submitted 4-06-14

Alligator Makes The Wrong Dinner Choice Attempts To Eat And Electric Eel

WTF Submitted 4-04-14

Nick Cannon Gets Booed Like Nobodies Business At Madison Square Garden Embarrassing AF

Funny Submitted 4-04-14

Kid Gets Hit By A Pick Up Truck Driver Stops To Help Him Crowd Beats The Life Out Of The Man Kid

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-04-14

Jadakiss And Styles P Almost Get Into A Brawl In London With The Crowd

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-04-14

The Game Goes To Jail

In The News Submitted 4-04-14

Cop Battles Break Dancer To A Match And Cop Kills It

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-04-14

Trick Daddy Gets Arrested During A Sniff Test Warrant

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-04-14

Police Officer Arrest Black Guy For No Reason

WTF Submitted 4-03-14

Wiz Khalifa Becomes A Single Mom

Funny Submitted 4-03-14

Lamborghini Learns How To Fly Still Doesn't Avoid Accident, 400K Down The Drain

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-14

Russell Simmons Speaks On Why Being Still Leads To Success

Video Submitted 4-01-14

Eminem Speaks About Almost Dissing Kanye West And Lil Wayne Out Of Being A Hater

Audio Submitted 4-01-14

Elderly Man Punches Drive Thru Lady In The Face For Skipping In Line At McDonalds

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-14

Man Gets Attacked By Wild Pigs Swings Broom But Keeps Missing

WTF Submitted 4-01-14

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