Hustle Man Shows You How It's Done When Times Get Hard, No Excuses Get Made

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-03-14

When Somebody Actually Responds To Those Annoying Auto Send Text From Verizon

Funny Submitted 8-03-14

Swagger Wagon Not Sure If This A Hip Hop Parody Or Just A Commercial Feat Busta Ryhmes

Funny Submitted 8-03-14

Say What? Weird People ****

Funny Submitted 7-31-14

Drunk Women Eats Chips Off The Train Floor VS Drunk Man Who Eats Sandwich Box And All

Crazy SOB's Submitted 7-29-14

When You Last More Than 5 Minutes

Funny Submitted 7-26-14

Things Just Got Real, Man With No Lower Body Jumps In Fight

WTF Submitted 7-26-14

Storms Aren't The Only Things That Grow

Funny Submitted 7-22-14

Facebook Drama So Good He Forgot He Was Driving

WTF Submitted 7-22-14

Ain't That The Truth

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-22-14

Unheard 2pac Phone Call 22 Minutes Long Talks His NY Shooting And Rape Case Being Mixed Together

In The News Submitted 6-06-14

Mayweather Ain't Got Nothing On This Kids GTFO The Way Abilities, LOL

Funny Submitted 6-06-14

Twitter Goes Crazy On Dwight Howard For Getting Caught With An Underage Girl In Akward Situation

Funny Submitted 6-06-14

It Be Like That Sometimes

Funny Submitted 6-05-14

Camron Goes In The Goons In London That Tried To Jump Him

Funny Submitted 6-05-14

Rihanna Drops It Like Its A Hott For A Second In Her See Thru Outfit

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-05-14

The Results Of What Happens When A Man Decides To Eat 3 Lemons With Skin Seeds And All

Crazy SOB's Submitted 6-05-14

Racist White Lady In NY Goes Off On Black Guy For No Reason Says Her Kids Don't Like Black People.. Responds To Tape Saying She Got A Black Cousin SMH

WTF Submitted 6-05-14

Menance 2 Society Parody, LOL... You Will Not Record Mixtape In Store

Funny Submitted 6-03-14

Police Brutality Documentary Where Police Get Exposed Beating Ass And The Start Of The U.S. Police State (You've Been Warned) Full Documentary

Video Submitted 6-03-14

Watch As She Gets 1st Date Ready

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-03-14

What Interracial Couples Parents Picture In There Head, SMDH

Funny Submitted 6-03-14

G-Unit Reunited On Stage At Summer Jam

Video Submitted 6-02-14

Fake Friends Be Like

Funny Submitted 5-31-14

So Turned Up Somebody Forgot They Leg At The Club Lastnight

WTF Submitted 5-31-14

Don't You Owe Me Money

Funny Submitted 5-30-14

Angry Man Hits Lamborghini With

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-30-14

No Knock Police Warrant Goes Wrong When Cops Throw Stun Grenade Into Baby Cribs

WTF Submitted 5-30-14

When Your Mom Ask To Use Your Computer For Something

Funny Submitted 5-27-14

50 Cent Throws The Worst Pitch Ever Probably For Promo Buzz

WTF Submitted 5-27-14

Man Keeps There Head Ringing Dr Dre Style On The Plane, SMH

Funny Submitted 5-27-14

Things She Says That You Wouldn't Expect

Meme Submitted 5-26-14

Things That ______ People Do

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-26-14

Hot Rapper Young Joc Chain VS Realty TV Star Young Joc Chain

Funny Submitted 5-26-14

Daughter Finds Her 38 Year Old Mom In Bed With Her Teen Boyfriend And Gives Her The Business

WTF Submitted 5-26-14

Bus Passenger Gives Angry Jamaican Lady The Business

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-26-14

She Said It Would Be Fun

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

That New Barber Feeling

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

TI Addresses The Rumors That He Got 2 Black Eyes

Video Submitted 5-25-14

50 Cent Gets In On The Action Of T.I. VS Mayweather Clowns Mayweather On The Phone Parody

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

Edi Mean Speaks On Smoking 2pacs Ashes, Hit Em Up, How The Outlaws Started, And More

In The News Submitted 5-25-14

TI Swings On Floyd Mayweather In Vegas Allegedly Over Tiny Brawl Breaks Out

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-25-14

Man Decides To Try The Flower Vase Water, LOL...While News Crew Records Live

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-23-14

Stripper Gets Sued For By A Trick, Wants His Rain Money Back

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-23-14

Dude Gets Knocked Out Was Waiting For It The Whole TIme

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-23-14

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