K. Michelle Meets Her Idol And Breaks Down In Tears

In The News Submitted 9-19-14

1st Person With An A Iphone 6 In Hand Is Also The 1st Person To Drop A Iphone 6

Funny Submitted 9-18-14

Mortal Kombat Spoof Sexual Fatalities

Funny Submitted 9-18-14

Guy Gets Knocked The EFF Out After Taking A Log To The Face And His Friends Laugh At Him

WTF Submitted 9-18-14

K. Michelle Goes In On Lil Kim And Elle Varner

Video Submitted 9-18-14

Something Everybody Already Knew About Dr,. Dre Detox Album Confirmed

In The News Submitted 9-18-14

How To Get Yourself Eaten Alive In The Woods By Coyotes

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-18-14

Black Girl Gets Shot And Killed By A Nazi Affiliate Police Claim It Was An Accident Will Not Be Charged

In The News Submitted 9-18-14

Draya Michele & Mercedeh Allen Get They 2 Step On

Funny Submitted 9-17-14

From Beginning To End

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-17-14

When Your Girl Put You On Blast

Funny Submitted 9-17-14

Yes What He Said

Funny Submitted 9-17-14

How Kevin Hart Feels About Your Iphone 6

Funny Submitted 9-10-14

Yup Exactly What The Pic Says With Time Like That

Funny Submitted 9-09-14

What Happens When You Get Bored In The Desert - Shmurda

Funny Submitted 9-09-14

Wifi Vs Candy, SMH...Update On How To Keep Your Kids From Being Kidnapped

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-07-14

Syracuse University soccer player Hanna Strong Goes Call Guy The N Word On Camera

Crazy SOB's Submitted 9-07-14

Your Shadow Can Tell A Person A lot About You

Funny Submitted 9-01-14

Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawerence Nudes Photos From Cell Phone Get Leaked Pics Inside

WTF Submitted 8-31-14

The Truth About Beats By Dre Dude Breaks Down Why The Sound Quality Is Poor And The Price Is So High

Video Submitted 8-31-14

Girl Dislocates Her Jaw While Screaming During The Ice Bucket Challenege

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-31-14

Amber Rose Twerks For Her Man After He Hits #1 On The Billboard

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-30-14

Police Office Kills Innocent Women In Bar Charges Man He Was Shooting At With The Murder

WTF Submitted 8-27-14

Subway Restuarant You Made Me Do It!!! Did I Really Guy Attacks Worker

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

White Dude Breaks Down Why Most White People Don't Speak Out Against Racism (Its Not Being Done To Them)

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

How Black People Feel In Ferguson Missouri

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

Sharks Get Eaten Whole In 1 Bite

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-20-14

Fans Spits A Loogy From The Stands Into Players Mouth To Show Him There Appreication, YUCK!!!

WTF Submitted 8-17-14

The Live Tweet Reaction Of Witness To The Death Of Mike Brown More Info Than What The Police Released

In The News Submitted 8-16-14

Other Police Brutality That The Ferguson Police Dept Did That Got Swept Under The Rug By The Feds And The Courts

In The News Submitted 8-15-14

Magic Johnson's BBQ And Mosquitios

Funny Submitted 8-15-14

Something You Can Do To Help Prevent The Next Police Shooting Of Unarmed People

In The News Submitted 8-14-14

How Police Explain Crime Based On Race

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-14-14

You Got Jokes

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-14-14

Black Guy Gets Killed By Police While Trying To Buy A BB Guy At Walmart, They Claim They Thought It Was Real

In The News Submitted 8-08-14

Jay Z Sidechick Releases Beyonce Diss Song - Im Sorry Mrs Carter

In The News Submitted 8-06-14

The Reaction To This Nikki Minaj Is Crazy See Why

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-06-14

1st Sighting Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Gets Leaked

Funny Submitted 8-06-14

Kids Say Alot About You. Has This Girl Slept With Tiger Woods And Jay Z

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-03-14

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