Hungry Or Thristy Hip Hop Week In Review 2017 DX Breakdown

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Khia Claims That Plies Is In The Closet AKA The New Prince

Video Submitted 1-05-17

Soulja Boy Takes A Stroll Thru The Hood To Prove Point Gets Disrespected Almost Gets Into A Fight Ideo From Both Angles

Video Submitted 1-04-17

Too Short On The Donald Trump Presidency, Next Project And More

Video Submitted 1-03-17

Gucci Mane On Big Boi Speaks On His Hustle, Doing Time,Being Positive, Album, And More

Video Submitted 1-03-17

Soulja Boy Disses Mike Epps Soulja Boy Challenge

Video Submitted 1-02-17

Girlfriend Checks Her Man In The Barbershop For Not Responding To His Text Message

Video Submitted 1-01-17

Mariah Carey Leaves 2016 With A Bang Worst Performance Of 2016

Video Submitted 12-31-16

Tariq Nasheed Goes In On Alex Jones With Puppets

Video Submitted 12-30-16

Killer Mike Heart Felt Interview On Recent Shootings And Why He Is Ashamed Of Being Part Of This Country

Video Submitted 7-08-16

Trevor Noah Speaks On 2 Recent Police Shootings

Video Submitted 7-08-16

More Police Harrassment In Addison

Video Submitted 6-25-15

Dr. Boyce Watkins Breaks Down Dame Dashes Statement About Being A Worker And Not Having A Boss

Video Submitted 4-20-15

NYPD Expressed There Dislike For The Free Bobby Shmurda Campaign

Video Submitted 12-24-14

Young Thug Says He Is Willing To Get Breast Implants, To Avoid Going To Jail, SMDH

Video Submitted 12-21-14

Philly Rapper AR AB Speaks On His Time In The Philly Prison System, Running With Lifers, And More

Video Submitted 12-21-14

The Story Behind World Star Hip Hop Owner Q Sits Down With The Verge And Talks About The Success Of His Site

Video Submitted 12-10-14

DJ Thoro speaks on rappers trying to sound like they from down south and why everybody thinks they can be a rapper

Video Submitted 12-01-14

Neef Speaks On Signing To Jay Z, Beanie Sigel Coming Home And More

Video Submitted 11-10-14

Star Goes In On Tone Trump Gets Slapped By Math, His Co-Sign, Being Corny,Datpiff And More

Video Submitted 10-28-14

Breakfast Club Charlmagne The God Goes In On Omarion For Not Being Circumcised

Video Submitted 10-28-14

Snoop Dogg And DJ Premier Talk Hip Hop, How He Started, Compton Long Beach Bef, MC Eiht And More

Video Submitted 10-28-14

Birdman Addresses Drake And Tyga Young Money Internal Beef

Video Submitted 10-28-14

Kanye West Guilt Trip Was Supposedly Suppose To Be On Watch The Throne

Video Submitted 10-20-14

Murda Mook Speaks On Not Getting The Cassidy Battle And Possibly Battling Drake

Video Submitted 10-18-14

Lil Ceasar And The Junior Mafia Speak On Being Cool With The Outlaws And If They Would Smoke Biggies Ashes

Video Submitted 10-18-14

50 Cent Test Fire MP5K Machine Gun

Video Submitted 10-17-14

G Unit Round Table Parts 1 And 2 Full Hour And A Half Talks Beef,The Break Up, Music Industry And More (Presented By XXLMAG)

Video Submitted 10-12-14

Stripper Jhonni Blaze Speaks On Smashing Drake Says She Of Used Protection

Video Submitted 10-12-14

Mac Miller Plays Beat Rilloutte Picks 3 Random Records Samples Then Makes A Beat

Video Submitted 10-05-14

Warren Sapp Calls Out Rick Ross For Being A Liar

Video Submitted 10-04-14

Ja Rule And Lord Jamar Speak About Tight Jeans Fight And Skirt Wearing Son

Video Submitted 10-04-14

Young Thug Addresses Being Gay Rumor Says Calling Other Dudes Bae, Hubby, And Lover Is Normal

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Dame Dash Speaks On When 2pac Dissed Jay Z (Full Interview)

Video Submitted 9-25-14

State Trooper Tells Guy To Get His Drivers License Follows Orders Cops Shoots Him

Video Submitted 9-25-14

Erica Mena Confirms Her And Bow Wow Are Getting Married Shows Off The Ring

Video Submitted 9-21-14

K. Michelle Goes In On Lil Kim And Elle Varner

Video Submitted 9-18-14

The Truth About Beats By Dre Dude Breaks Down Why The Sound Quality Is Poor And The Price Is So High

Video Submitted 8-31-14

Police Brutality Documentary Where Police Get Exposed Beating Ass And The Start Of The U.S. Police State (You've Been Warned) Full Documentary

Video Submitted 6-03-14

G-Unit Reunited On Stage At Summer Jam

Video Submitted 6-02-14

TI Addresses The Rumors That He Got 2 Black Eyes

Video Submitted 5-25-14

Lil Boosie Speaks On Being Embarrassed By Daughters Instagram, Living Up To The Hype, And More

Video Submitted 4-23-14

Mike Epps Speaks On Funny Whitney Houston Stories , His Movies, And More

Video Submitted 4-22-14

Breakfast Club Speaks On Mimi And Nikko 1st Week Numbers Of There Sex Tape, What She Is Getting Paid, And More

Video Submitted 4-22-14

Star Goes In On Stevie J, Talks Mimi & Nikko

Video Submitted 4-22-14

Diamond Speaks On Lil Scrappy Getting Punked By Gucci Mane, Being A Women Beater, Mama Dee Messing Up Her Credit, A Freestyle, And More

Video Submitted 4-21-14

Nikki And Mimi Responds Sex Tape Being Leaked, Talks Stevie J, Joseline, And More In There 1st Interview

Video Submitted 4-20-14

Star Speaks On Al Sharpton Being A Snitch For The Feds,Attempt To Ban Mike Vick, Drake And More

Video Submitted 4-09-14

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