Jay-Z Takes It To Twitter After Becoming 1st Hip Hop Artist To Get Honored In The Song Writer Hall Of Fame Presented To Him By Obama

All The Relationship And Dating Question A Women Could Have Straight From 3 Different Dudes Mouths
Slim Thug Explains To CNN What A Thuggin Is

Gucci Mane On Big Boi Speaks On His Hustle, Doing Time,Being Positive, Album, And More

Video Submitted 1-03-17

Kevin Hart VS Drake In A Paint Ball Battle

Funny Submitted 4-03-13

New Yorks Celebrate The Return Of Power Like Its Happy New Year

In The News Submitted 11-04-12

Crows Be On The Look Out, LOL

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-17-13

Is That You?

Meme Submitted 1-02-14

50 Cent Acting American Gangster Audition Tape Leaks Shows Him Fake Crying

In The News Submitted 10-22-13

Stripper Flips Out On Dude Because He Wouldn't Let Her Give Him A Lap Dance

Crazy SOBs Submitted 10-10-13

32 White People Get Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud And Whites Defend Them In The Comments

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 2-16-15

50 Cent Says Lloyd Banks Taking A Break When His Father Died Was An Excuse And Kanye West Didn't Stop

WTF Submitted 3-24-14

Drake Jodeci's Back Freestyle Feat J Cole Plus 3 More Freestyles

Audio Submitted 6-22-13

Florida Women Who Got 20 Years Gets A New Trial Under Stand Your Ground

In The News Submitted 9-26-13

The Game Shyne And 40 Glocc Diss Freestyle- Cough Up A Lung

Audio Submitted 11-10-12

Weed Smokers Way Of Preventing Ebola

Funny Submitted 10-04-14

Snoop Dogg Gets His Nails Done Fans React

WTF Submitted 2-28-14

Bartender Gets A 17,500 Pay Off When Lottery Ticket Tip Pays Off

WTF Submitted 10-06-13

DMX Crashes A Strangers Wedding Party

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-26-14

NBA Legend Blames Dumb Black People Worried About Street Cred With Holding Back Race

In The News Submitted 10-26-14

A Day In The Life Of Soulja Boy Gets A New Face Tat

Video Submitted 4-06-14

Cop Gets Shot In The Face During Traffic Stop

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Fans Respond To Pharrells Hat On Twitter Lets Him Have It

Funny Submitted 1-26-14

DMX Gets Asked His Opinion About Eminem Claiming To Be A Rap God

Video Submitted 1-07-14

Bully Starts Fight And Gets Bullied From Somebody Else

Submitted 3-30-14

Kanye West Gets Misunderstood

In The News Submitted 9-30-13

Miami Cop Gets Fired 8 Times And Gets His Job Back Everytime

WTF Submitted 5-03-13

Rappers Showing Off On Instagram

In The News Submitted 11-08-12

Rick Ross Explained How Him And Young Jeezy Squashed There Beef

Audio Submitted 2-26-14

Eve Speaks On Her Sex Tape,Being The 1st Female On Aftermath And More

WTF Submitted 5-20-13

Obama Doesn't Wants Guns On Our Streets But Says Nothing On About This

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-14-14

Watch The Guy On The Right, LOL...... 3 Blackouts Later

Funny Submitted 10-04-14

Pimp Sues Nike Because His J's Didn't Have A Warning Label That Stomping Could Kill

WTF Submitted 1-11-14

Be Careful What Sit You On, Man Butt Dials 911 And Details His Murder Plot

Funny Submitted 5-28-13

Gucci Mane Goes Trick Or Treating As Batman (Parody)

Funny Submitted 11-01-12

Crackhead Thinks He Sees A Rock On The Train Tracks

Funny Submitted 6-05-13

When Waiting For The Next Train Is Not An Option

WTF Submitted 6-24-13

Man Post His Suicide Note On Facebook Before Parking His Car On The Train Tracks

In The News Submitted 12-28-12

Guy Claims Cop Planted Drugs On Him Video Comes Out Charges Get Dropped

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

Benzino And Althea Gets Fired From Love And Hip Hop ATL, Benzino Goes Off On Twitter

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-29-14

Kid Gets Hit By A Pick Up Truck Driver Stops To Help Him Crowd Beats The Life Out Of The Man Kid

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-04-14

Video Catches Poilce Beating Man To A Pulp After He Surrenders With His Hands Up In Florida

WTF Submitted 7-10-16

Trick Daddy Gets Arrested During A Sniff Test Warrant

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-04-14

Fat Guy Getting His Pretty Ricky Dance Steps On possible NSFW

Funny Submitted 1-21-14

Naked Man Getting Tased Gets Up Slaps The Fire Out Of Officer And Gets Away

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-25-14

Teenager Who Runs Anti Snitching Twitter Account Gets Arrested For Snitching

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

Air Jordan 5 V Bel Air Unboxing

In The News Submitted 9-30-13

Women Attacks And Mace's New Reporter After Home Invasion At Her House

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-03-13

When Your Mom Ask To Use Your Computer For Something

Funny Submitted 5-27-14

Rapper Lil Snupe Shot And Killed In Louisiana

In The News Submitted 6-20-13

The Lox Drops A New 4 Track EP Beyonce Style On Itunes Only

Audio Submitted 12-18-13

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