World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Charlmange Speaks On Lamar Odom Being Smoking Crack
The Difference Between A Go Getter And Worker Broken Down Easily For Your To Get

Russell Simmons Speaks On Why Being Still Leads To Success

Video Submitted 4-01-14

Tyga Claims Young Money Wont Release His Goes On A Twitter Rant

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The Game Shyne And 40 Glocc Diss Freestyle- Cough Up A Lung

Audio Submitted 11-10-12

Scandal Star Columbus Short Leaves On Man Injured After Bar Fight

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Be Careful What Sit You On, Man Butt Dials 911 And Details His Murder Plot

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Woman Feels Sexier After Allowing Her Beard to Grow Out

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Drunk Guy Decides To Swing On Pilot

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Baby Gets A New Tattoe In Honor Of Lil Wayne

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Kid Capri Breaks Down Why Air Force One's Fell Off

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Diddy Slaps Fire Out Of Drake According To Witnesses In The Club That Night

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-09-14

911 Call Reveal Police Over Reacting When Driver Calls There Supervisor On Them

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Battle Rapper Charlie Clips And DNA Make Spoof Of DNA Lost

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Kevin Hart Doing Lord Knows What

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Man Hugs Girl Friend Then Commits Suicide Over Possible Break Up

In The News Submitted 2-18-14

Jadakiss Speaks On The Lebron Sneakers And Jordans

In The News Submitted 1-10-14

Amber Rose Breaks Her Silence About Why She Is Leaving Wiz Khalifa

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-25-14

Lamborghini Learns How To Fly Still Doesn't Avoid Accident, 400K Down The Drain

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-14

ATL Mall Security Arrested For Assualt After Posting His Vids On World Star

In The News Submitted 3-31-13

Paula Deen Says She Uses The N-Word Because Growing Up Everybody Was Racist

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-20-13

Hot 97 Goes VH1 Review Of Hot 97 Reality TV Show. The Takeaway Inside

In The News Submitted 3-26-14

Bill O'Rielly Tells Black Man In A Suit And Tie He Looks Like A Cocaine Dealer

WTF Submitted 1-24-14

9yr old Rapper Lil Poopyies Dads Parenting Skills Under Investigation

In The News Submitted 3-02-13

Trini Man Goes Off On Women Who reported Him On Facebook For seeing His Nipple

Crazy SOB's Submitted 12-15-14

Wiz Khalifa Uncle Shot And Killed While Sitting In His Car In PA

In The News Submitted 1-09-14

Khia Claims That Plies Is In The Closet AKA The New Prince

Video Submitted 1-05-17

People Thirst Attention So Much These Days This Guys Gets Hit With 142 Charges For It

Crazy SOBs Submitted 12-15-13

God Giveth And He Taketh Away

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Rapper And There Famous Footwear Sneaker Collection

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Man Shoots And Kills Police Dog For Attacking His Pet Rabbit

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Meek Mills Says He'll Fight Drake In The Ring For 5 Million And Make Nikki The Ring Girl

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Rappers Showing Off On Instagram

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Wendy Williams Reveals A Deep Down Secret About Her Son Breaks Down In Tears

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12 Year Old Gets Beat Up By Police Officer While Being Arrested

In The News Submitted 12-21-14

Light Skin Girl VS Dark Skin Over Why She Bleaches Her Skin And Rocks Blonde Weave

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Trinidad James Says He Dumbs Down His Raps Because It Sells

WTF Submitted 5-26-13

Is Hip Hop Making Urban Males Phemenom On Purpose With New Thug Style

Video Submitted 3-27-14

Hockey Goalie Joins The Cheerleaders Doing The Wobble, Kills It Proves White Men Can Dance

Funny Submitted 3-22-14

Pastor Known For Bringing Rattle Snakes To Church Gets Bitten And Dies

WTF Submitted 2-17-14

Pit Bull Attacks And Kills Its Owner

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-22-13

50 Cent Makes 8.7 Million By Getting Fans To Invest In A Stock He Owns 30,000,00

In The News Submitted 3-14-13

Justin Beiber Collapases On Stage In London

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

Chinatown Man Beats Down His Wife With A Meat Cleaver

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-25-13

Waka Flocka Responds To Gucci Mane Going Crazy, Not Smashing Nicki Minaj & More

In The News Submitted 9-14-13

Miami Police Get Caught Stealing Peoples Identities To File Fake Tax Returns

In The News Submitted 10-09-13

Cop Gets Fired For Recording His Boss Asking Him To Get Qoutas

In The News Submitted 8-20-13

Chief Keef Allegedly Gets Dropped From Interscope After Only Putting Out 1 Album

In The News Submitted 10-21-14

If Rappers Got Copy Rights On All They Free Promo

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-30-13

Twitter Goes Crazy On Dwight Howard For Getting Caught With An Underage Girl In Akward Situation

Funny Submitted 6-06-14

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