World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Memphis Bleek Says You Can't Compare BIGGIE to 2PAC
Blac Youngsta Letter To French Montana After Meeting Him For The 1st Time, LOL

Fake Cops Robbing People Turn Out To Be Real Cops On A Robbing Spree

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 7-29-13

Things Rappers Will Never Admit

Funny Submitted 11-03-12

Kayne West And Kim Kardashian Photoshop Disaster, Do You See It?

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-26-14

Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion

In The News Submitted 6-19-13

Looking For A Real Man

Funny Submitted 10-01-13

Mr.Magic From No Limit Dies In A Car Accident

In The News Submitted 3-02-13

Gillie The Kid Speaks On His Beef With Meek Millz

Video Submitted 10-15-13

Tyler The Creator Takes Caught Taking A #2

In The News Submitted 3-01-13

Kodak Black Goes Back To Jail For Probation Violation

In The News Submitted 2-28-17

How Black People Feel In Ferguson Missouri

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

Kanye West Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise At His Concert

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-22-13

Black Male Gets Arrested For Buying A FerragamoBelt Because Store Felt It Should

In The News Submitted 10-23-13

Cop Gets Life For Raping Women In His Patrol Car

In The News Submitted 10-08-12

Wale "I AM FROM" Documentary

Video Submitted 1-15-14

Bartender Gets A 17,500 Pay Off When Lottery Ticket Tip Pays Off

WTF Submitted 10-06-13

When Kids Wanna Be Grown

Meme Submitted 12-10-14

Jay Z Speaks On How He Pulled Beyonce His Daughter Blue Ivy Drug Dealing Past & More

In The News Submitted 10-01-13

Stevie J And Joseline Address Footage Of Him Kissing Lil Wayne

Video Submitted 10-10-12

3 Year Old Has Potty Problems Caught Thinking Out Loud

Funny Submitted 10-10-13

11 Rappers With That Hold The Crown For Some Of Hip Hops Worst Hairlines

Funny Submitted 9-25-13

30 Lbs Of Cocaine Found On American Airlines Flight

Video Submitted 1-30-17

Is That You Michael Jackson

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-25-15

Ja Rule And Lord Jamar Speak About Tight Jeans Fight And Skirt Wearing Son

Video Submitted 10-04-14

Guy Claims Cop Planted Drugs On Him Video Comes Out Charges Get Dropped

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

12 Year Old Gets Beat Up By Police Officer While Being Arrested

In The News Submitted 12-21-14

Daz Pay Tribute To Him And Snoop Doggs Uncle June Bug

In The News Submitted 3-22-14

Porn Star Mr. Marcus Gets Arrested Giving STD's To Other Porn Stars

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-05-13

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Put In Work Over The Stove For Kanye West

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-31-13

Kat Stacks Continues Exposing Q Of Worldstar For Not Being Loyal(10:10 Minute Mark)

In The News Submitted 10-01-13

Bully Starts Fight And Gets Bullied From Somebody Else

Submitted 3-30-14

For The Dirty Minded People

Funny Submitted 11-04-13

Joan Rivers Makes A Post About Iphones (After Death) That Was Quickly Erased. #fail

WTF Submitted 9-21-14

Angry Man Hits Lamborghini With

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-30-14

Paramedic Ends Up With Boot On Tire For Illegal Parking While Giving A Man CPR

WTF Submitted 12-01-12

What does it take for a cop to lose his job?

WTF Submitted 3-07-13

Rapper Gets Put On Blast By His Momma For Begging He Puts On Her Blast With Nude Pics

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-23-13

Think You Aren't Scared Of Clowns? Think Again!

WTF Submitted 9-16-13

Talib Kweli Calls Rick Ross A Misguided 40 Year Old

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-04-13

Man Doesn't Relize That His Girlfriend Fell Off His Bike And Is Being Dragged Behind Him

WTF Submitted 4-08-14

Man Unhappy Doctor Leaves Him With 1 Inch Penis After Surgery Of His Huge Testicle

WTF Submitted 6-21-13

The Game Speaks On Leaving Interscope

Video Submitted 10-09-13

Currensy Jetlife Documentary (Jetflix)

Video Submitted 10-01-13

A Good Explanation Of How Sipping On Syrup Can Hurt You

WTF Submitted 4-14-13

Things That Maury Be So Serious About

Funny Submitted 10-25-14

Never Heard Before 2pac Interview With Angie Martinez

Video Submitted 2-13-14

Deer Walks Up And Licks Hunters Gun While He Opens Fire At Other Targets

WTF Submitted 1-28-14

Teen Injects Flesh Eating Heroin Into Her Vagina

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-03-14

Meek Millz Spits A Freestyle In Miami And Flashes 100 Grand

Audio Submitted 9-29-13

Jay Z Rapping Back In 1989 (Gets His Bone Thugs On)

In The News Submitted 2-27-13

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