The Story About Queens Drug Legend/ Real Gangsta Supreme Mcgriff, 50 Cent Beef, Murder Inc, And New Yorks Underworld

Murda Mook Speaks On Not Getting The Cassidy Battle And Possibly Battling Drake
Nelly Breaks Down Street Cred, Relationships, And Staying Current In The Game

Anita Baker Wanted For A Bench Warrant

In The News Submitted 3-20-14

Doctor With 1st World Issues

Funny Submitted 3-23-14

How To Catch A Hoodrat

Funny Submitted 2-02-14

11 Year Year Old Punches Grand Mother In The Nose For Not Buying Him A Toy

WTF Submitted 12-15-13

The KKK VS The Crips In Memphis TN Full Documentary (Clan Man Tired Of Hearing Lil Jon)

Video Submitted 3-22-14

9 People Shot At Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport

In The News Submitted 1-06-17

Idiot Makes Homemade Bullet Proof Vest And Lets His Friend Test Out A Shot On Him

Crazy SOBs Submitted 3-14-13

Erica Mena Confirms Her And Bow Wow Are Getting Married Shows Off The Ring

Video Submitted 9-21-14

Say What? Weird People ****

Funny Submitted 7-31-14

Scott Storch Snorts Away His Publishing And Beat Money

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-25-13

Police Shoot Up Mini Van Full Of Kids

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

Think You Aren't Scared Of Clowns? Think Again!

WTF Submitted 9-16-13

Good Deed SlU Basketball Players Take Homeless Man Shopping, Gets Him A Haircut, And Some Food.... Makes His Day

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-08-14

Winter Ramos Explains What Went Down With Joe Budden & Consequence!

Video Submitted 3-13-13

Nike SB Dunk High – Black – Red – Grey Fleece

In The News Submitted 1-03-14

Soulja Boy Says Him And Chris Brown Is Brothers And Him And 50 Cent Don't Have Real Beef!

Video Submitted 1-08-17

Stripper Shows You How Its Done

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-27-14

French Montana Stays True To His African Roots Shows Off His Pet Monkey

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-26-14

Plies List Of Things He Will Not Accept For Valentines Day 

Funny Submitted 1-31-17

FLA Women Snitches On Her Lover For Decaptating Her Sex Toys

WTF Submitted 1-02-14

Seagull Shows How Greedy They The Birds Can Really Be

WTF Submitted 4-06-13

Elderly Man Punches Drive Thru Lady In The Face For Skipping In Line At McDonalds

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-01-14

Chic Decides To Eat Her Designer Bag On The Train

WTF Submitted 2-05-14

Porn Stars With And Without Makeout

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-10-13

Tariq Nasheed On Hot97 Speaks Racism, Trump, Obama, And More

In The News Submitted 1-10-17

Speed Car Decides To Flip Over Onto Onlookers Crowd #2's Pants

WTF Submitted 10-07-14

Drake Air Balls... Shot Goes Down Like Most Rappers Careers

WTF Submitted 10-20-14

Rihanna Stripper Tapes Try Out Leaks With Stripper Girl On The Roof (Literally)

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 9-30-13

NSFW Love & Hip Hop ATL Star Mimi And Nikko Sextape Allegedly On The Way Pic Inside

In The News Submitted 10-01-13

Brother Shoots And Kills His Sister For Putting Too Much Bleach On His Clothes

Crazy SOBs Submitted 1-25-14

50 Gets Upset When He Hears The Truth

In The News Submitted 3-02-14

And You Thought I Wanted That Person Back?

Funny Submitted 11-03-13

Kanye West Before And After Dating Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose

WTF Submitted 1-22-14

Young Guru Jay Z's Engineer Extraordinaire

Audio Submitted 4-16-13

YG Ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill & Rich Homie Quan - My N*gga (Remix)

Audio Submitted 1-23-14

50 Cent Makes A Qucik 60 Million

In The News Submitted 7-17-17

Snoop Dogg Gets His Nails Done Fans React

WTF Submitted 2-28-14

Rapper Lil Snupe Shot And Killed In Louisiana

In The News Submitted 6-20-13

Driver Gives Texter Exactly What He Deserves For Causing Head On Collision

Crazy SOB's Submitted 4-21-14

Meek Mills Denies Ever Trying To Holla @ Elle Varner And Being Rejected

In The News Submitted 1-23-14

Man Up & Get To Work Future," Says Club Owner After Future Takes 36k And Is A No

In The News Submitted 5-07-13

Nino Brown Breaks Down The Kardashian Curse

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

R. Kelly Or Usher Take Your Pick

In The News Submitted 7-19-17

Falcon Heights Minnesota Cop Shoots And Kills Man After Asking Him For His License **Graphic Footage Of Philando Castile**

WTF Submitted 7-08-16

R. Kelly Allegedly Holding Young Girls Hostage And Running A Cult 😐, Here We Go Again

In The News Submitted 7-17-17

Dancehall Artist Vybez Cartel Found Guilty Of Murder

In The News Submitted 3-13-14

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