World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Mekhi Phifer Speaks On His Old Rapping, 8 Mile, His New Movie And More
Philly Rapper AR AB Speaks On His Time In The Philly Prison System, Running With Lifers, And More

Black Women Goes Off On Mike Brown And Protestors In Video Rant Claims Somebody Else Would Of Killed Him If Not Police

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-15-14

Miguel Goes In On Black People Via Twitter, Forgets That Being Judgmental

WTF Submitted 5-28-13

NYPD Expressed There Dislike For The Free Bobby Shmurda Campaign

Video Submitted 12-24-14

50 Cent Gets In On The Action Of T.I. VS Mayweather Clowns Mayweather On The Phone Parody

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

Madonna Calls Her Son The N Word On Instagram

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-20-14

Biggie Assisted Killer Escapes From Federal Prison!!! Looking For Who?

In The News Submitted 6-06-13

Samuel L Jackson Gives A Reporter The Business For Thinking He Is Laurence Fishburn

Funny Submitted 2-10-14

Dude Gets Knocked Out Was Waiting For It The Whole TIme

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-23-14

Alicia Keys Gets Fired From Blackberry

In The News Submitted 1-02-14

Hawaii Police Get Green Light To Have Sex With Prostitutes While On Duty

WTF Submitted 3-22-14

Kimbo Slice Dies At Age 42

In The News Submitted 6-06-16

Drake Loses His Cool At The Strip Club And Loses His Cool

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-26-14

Family Eat LSD Laces Steak From Walmart

WTF Submitted 3-09-14

Floyd Mayweather Steps It Up Another Level With A Twerk Team

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-18-14

The Shopper Might Be A Little Racist

Funny Submitted 1-22-17

Lil Kim Prengnant Reveals Her Baby Daddy

In The News Submitted 2-13-14

Chicago Gets Caught Jerking People On Tickets With Red Light Camera

In The News Submitted 10-18-14

**NSFW** Supa Head Gets Supa Freaky With Herself

Video Submitted 6-09-13

Drake Jodeci's Back Freestyle Feat J Cole Plus 3 More Freestyles

Audio Submitted 6-22-13

Mister Cee Comes Out Of The Closet

Video Submitted 9-16-13

Fan Gets Bold And Slaps Beyonce On The Booty

In The News Submitted 5-28-13

3 People Get Shot In Line Waiting On The Retro 5 Bel Air's

In The News Submitted 10-06-13

Mike Jones Clears Up Rumors Of HIV

Rumors Submitted 3-07-13

The New Apple Iphone 5CF, LOL (Parody)

Funny Submitted 9-10-13

Kevin Hart Does The Tyrese Challenge

Funny Submitted 1-09-17

3000 People Doing Life For 23 Petty Crimes, SMDH

WTF Submitted 11-17-13

Allegedly Iphone 6 Leaks Photos Inside

In The News Submitted 3-31-14

WOW, DUI Man Rear Ends Another Car With A Toy Where It Shouldn't Belong

Crazy SOBs Submitted 12-27-12

Mike Tyson Claims He Had So Much Sex In Jail He Couldn't Work Out

In The News Submitted 11-11-13

Cop Gets Life For Raping Women In His Patrol Car

In The News Submitted 10-08-12

Woman Dangles For Dear Life From The Top Of A Bridges That Opens Up On Her

WTF Submitted 10-13-13

Nas Speaks On Gunplay 50 Cent Beef, Disses Lil Wayne, 2pac Biggie And More

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-08-13

Trevor Noah Speaks On 2 Recent Police Shootings

Video Submitted 7-08-16

Trayvon Martin Text Message's Get Released To Try To Help Zimmerman

In The News Submitted 5-24-13

Fabolous Co-Signs Macklamore Album Of The Year Win Via ESPN

Video Submitted 1-28-14

Woman Buys An Ipad At The Gas Station That Turns Out To Be A Mirror

In The News Submitted 11-08-12

And You Thought I Wanted That Person Back?

Funny Submitted 11-03-13

Footage Of Texas Judge Failing DUI Test After Case Gets Tossed

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-09-14

Cops Gets Fired For Cutting Girls Weave Off, (But Rarely Fired For Shooting People)

WTF Submitted 1-31-14

Gucci Mane Goes Trick Or Treating As Batman (Parody)

Funny Submitted 11-01-12

**NSFW** Soulja Boy Gets Put On Blast When His Side Piece Put Out His Selife D Pic,SMH

In The News Submitted 4-15-14

Pay Your Rent Late Every Month? Apartment Complex Takes Your Front Door Till Its Paid

WTF Submitted 12-15-13

White Cops Explains Why Police Keep Killing Unarmed Black People And The System Turns A Blind Ee

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-28-16

Mack Maine Gets Arrested And Charged With Sexual Assault

In The News Submitted 9-16-13

Tread Mill Teaches Girl Who Is Boss

Funny Submitted 11-09-12

Some Women Nowadays

Funny Submitted 9-27-14

Man Beats Red Light Camera Ticket With Help From The Judge

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 1-02-17

Lil Wayne reveals he's epileptic

In The News Submitted 3-29-13

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