World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

Nicki Minaj Offers Cameron Diaz Dating Advice
Nas Says 50 Cent, BIGGIE, And Jay - Z Are The KINGS Of New York

Man Gets Freed 25 Years Later After He Proves That He Was At Disney World During Murder

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Rick Ross Subway Is A Lie Parody, LOL

Funny Submitted 3-24-14

Watch As She Gets 1st Date Ready

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-03-14

The Shopper Might Be A Little Racist

Funny Submitted 1-22-17

Arizona Mom Arrested Again For Spending 114K In Donations On Clothes And Her Baby Daddies Rap Album

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 11-18-14

Red Light Camera Causes Increase In Car Accidents City Refuses To Remove It

WTF Submitted 12-20-12

Rapper Gets Confronted By Man With Cerebral Palsy Over Diss Line

Funny Submitted 9-07-13

Orlando Police Cop Killer Gets Caught And Beat Up By Police

Video Submitted 1-17-17

Man Parks His Truck On Another Guys Car During Road Rage Incident

In The News Submitted 2-04-17

Why You Should Never Buy Electronics From Walmart

In The News Submitted 11-09-12

Residents Of The Projects In St.Louis Have Possibly Deadly Test Done On Them WIt

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 10-05-12

Erica Mena Of Love And Hip Hop Cyn Santana Talk About Lots Of Sex On Hot 97

Video Submitted 1-14-14

Pusha T Reacts To Kanye West Cracking His Head (Spoof )

Funny Submitted 5-12-13

Women Bust Shots At McDonalds For Forgetting The Bacon On Her Burger

Crazy SOBs Submitted 2-10-14

She Said It Would Be Fun

Funny Submitted 5-25-14

NCAA Player Kevin Ware Shin Bone Snaps In Half Mid Game Fully Protruding, OUCH

In The News Submitted 3-31-13

Philly Substitute Teacher Gets Knocked Out Cold By A Student

WTF Submitted 11-10-14

Stacey Dash Goes In On Jay-Z And Beyonce

WTF Submitted 4-11-13

Fat Guy Getting His Pretty Ricky Dance Steps On possible NSFW

Funny Submitted 1-21-14

UPS Employee Turns Inside Of Pants To Apple I - Anything Storage..

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-07-13

Cop Being Killed Are Down But Cops Killing People Are Up

In The News Submitted 12-30-13

Bully Picks On The Wrong Person

Funny Submitted 4-16-13

Good Deed SlU Basketball Players Take Homeless Man Shopping, Gets Him A Haircut, And Some Food.... Makes His Day

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-08-14

How Black People Feel In Ferguson Missouri

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 8-26-14

Man Gets 50 Years In Prison For Stealing A Pack Of Ribs

WTF Submitted 5-30-13

Mother Gets Accused Of Child Abuse After Posting Nude Pic Of Her And Son In Bath Tub Together What Do You Think?

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 12-10-14

This Picture Is Not What It Appears, LOL

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-23-14

Miguel's Bad Night Summed Up In 1 Meme

Funny Submitted 5-22-13

Rihanna Opens It Up Live On Stage In More Ways Than One

In The News Submitted 5-18-13

The Rise And Fall Of Dame Dash And The Effects Of The Split With Jay Z

In The News Submitted 1-11-14

NSFW- Grandma Bust Out Dancing In Her Draws Shocks The Neighborhood

WTF Submitted 4-08-14

Fabolous - Young OG Soul Tape Mixtape Pt.3

Audio Submitted 12-15-13

CEO Keeps Promise And Layoffs His Employees Because Obama Won

Crazy SOBs Submitted 11-09-12

Ray J Makes A Killing Off Of Kim Kardashian Going Nude

In The News Submitted 11-18-14

Passenger Flips The Hell Out When Cab Drivers Snake Creeps Into The Back Seat, LOL

Funny Submitted 4-20-14

Jail Booty VS Non Jail Booty

Meme Submitted 5-22-14

Cops Gets Fired For Cutting Girls Weave Off, (But Rarely Fired For Shooting People)

WTF Submitted 1-31-14

Mase Comes Out And Defends Biggie

In The News Submitted 10-07-13

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Drake In 1 Slide

In The News Submitted 5-14-14

Beyonce Speaks On Blue Ivy Being Lonely, Thinking Of Having More Kids

In The News Submitted 5-06-13

Looking For A Real Man

Funny Submitted 10-01-13

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West, I Bet You Didn't Know...

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 6-08-13

Alicia Keys Gets Fired From Blackberry

In The News Submitted 1-02-14

Crackhead Thinks He Sees A Rock On The Train Tracks

Funny Submitted 6-05-13

Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne Finally Makes Out

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 4-02-13

Guy Claims Cop Planted Drugs On Him Video Comes Out Charges Get Dropped

In The News Submitted 3-07-13

Snoop Dogg And DJ Premier Talk Hip Hop, How He Started, Compton Long Beach Bef, MC Eiht And More

Video Submitted 10-28-14

Women Gets Beaten To Death At The Club Over A Photo Bomb She Didn't Do On Purpose

WTF Submitted 1-22-14

Birdman Speaks On Lil Waynes Condition In The Hospital With Hot97 Deines Drugs I

Rumors Submitted 3-18-13

25 Things You Didn't Know About Camron

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