The Story About Queens Drug Legend/ Real Gangsta Supreme Mcgriff, 50 Cent Beef, Murder Inc, And New Yorks Underworld

2 High Rappers Share The Same Space And Get Into All The Latest News
Lil Boosie Speaks On Quitting Drugs And His Up And Coming Music

Facial Expression Is Priceless

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

Soulja Boy Looking Like Meek Mills These Days

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

The Truth Nothing Can Beat It, Ladies

Meme Submitted 1-05-17

Low Blow But Dam 2pac And Uber

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

Angela Yee Exposed, Gucci Mane Interview On Lip Service Interview Judge For Yourself

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

Why Nobody Trust The News Anymore!!!'

Meme Submitted 6-17-16

And You Thought Birds Only Ate Bread

Meme Submitted 4-11-15

Get It Together

Meme Submitted 2-16-15

When Mother Nature Starts Snitching There No Place To Hide Guess Why The Roof With No Snow Was Raided

Meme Submitted 2-16-15

Life's Hard When The Kids Are Gone

Meme Submitted 1-03-15

How Police Do They Jobs, Without Trying

Meme Submitted 1-02-15

This Is What Happens When You Fall Asleep Around People You Can't Trust **NSFW**

Meme Submitted 12-21-14

When Kids Wanna Be Grown

Meme Submitted 12-10-14

Things She Says That You Wouldn't Expect

Meme Submitted 5-26-14

Jail Booty VS Non Jail Booty

Meme Submitted 5-22-14

When Bae Gets Knocked Out

Meme Submitted 3-18-14

Maybe Guys Should Start Complaining Too

Meme Submitted 1-26-14

Katt Williams Just Because Its Says Private Number Doesn't Mean I Don't Know Its You

Meme Submitted 1-21-14

When You Barely Tilt Your Phone And The Screen Decides To Rotate

Meme Submitted 1-12-14

What If I Told You There Was 3 Black Girls In This Pic? Meme

Meme Submitted 1-03-14

Is That You?

Meme Submitted 1-02-14

Black People Time MeMe

Meme Submitted 12-08-13

Best Way To Check A B*%ch

Meme Submitted 10-13-13

Camron Speaks On Jayz Claiming To Make Him A Millionaire & Says He Didn't Diss Him

Meme Submitted 10-06-13

Reward? Umm No Thanks!

Meme Submitted 5-17-13

Akon Wears Proof That Ties Him To illuminati

Meme Submitted 3-06-13

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