The Story About Queens Drug Legend/ Real Gangsta Supreme Mcgriff, 50 Cent Beef, Murder Inc, And New Yorks Underworld

Mike Epps Speaks On Funny Whitney Houston Stories , His Movies, And More
Loaded LUX Calls Out Murder Mook For A Rematch After A Win Against Hollow Da Don

Facial Expression Is Priceless

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

Soulja Boy Looking Like Meek Mills These Days

Meme Submitted 1-06-17

The Truth Nothing Can Beat It, Ladies

Meme Submitted 1-05-17

Low Blow But Dam 2pac And Uber

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

Angela Yee Exposed, Gucci Mane Interview On Lip Service Interview Judge For Yourself

Meme Submitted 1-02-17

Why Nobody Trust The News Anymore!!!'

Meme Submitted 6-17-16

And You Thought Birds Only Ate Bread

Meme Submitted 4-11-15

Get It Together

Meme Submitted 2-16-15

When Mother Nature Starts Snitching There No Place To Hide Guess Why The Roof With No Snow Was Raided

Meme Submitted 2-16-15

Life's Hard When The Kids Are Gone

Meme Submitted 1-03-15

How Police Do They Jobs, Without Trying

Meme Submitted 1-02-15

This Is What Happens When You Fall Asleep Around People You Can't Trust **NSFW**

Meme Submitted 12-21-14

When Kids Wanna Be Grown

Meme Submitted 12-10-14

Things She Says That You Wouldn't Expect

Meme Submitted 5-26-14

Jail Booty VS Non Jail Booty

Meme Submitted 5-22-14

When Bae Gets Knocked Out

Meme Submitted 3-18-14

Maybe Guys Should Start Complaining Too

Meme Submitted 1-26-14

Katt Williams Just Because Its Says Private Number Doesn't Mean I Don't Know Its You

Meme Submitted 1-21-14

When You Barely Tilt Your Phone And The Screen Decides To Rotate

Meme Submitted 1-12-14

What If I Told You There Was 3 Black Girls In This Pic? Meme

Meme Submitted 1-03-14

Is That You?

Meme Submitted 1-02-14

Black People Time MeMe

Meme Submitted 12-08-13

Best Way To Check A B*%ch

Meme Submitted 10-13-13

Camron Speaks On Jayz Claiming To Make Him A Millionaire & Says He Didn't Diss Him

Meme Submitted 10-06-13

Reward? Umm No Thanks!

Meme Submitted 5-17-13

Akon Wears Proof That Ties Him To illuminati

Meme Submitted 3-06-13

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