Jay-Z Takes It To Twitter After Becoming 1st Hip Hop Artist To Get Honored In The Song Writer Hall Of Fame Presented To Him By Obama

Lady Luck Says **** Vlad TV
Mariah Carey Leaves 2016 With A Bang Worst Performance Of 2016

Jay-Z Takes It To Twitter After Becoming 1st Hip Hop Artist To Get Honored In The Song Writer Hall Of Fame Presented To Him By Obama

In The News Submitted 6-15-17

Kodak Black Gets His Permanent Golds Removed For His Birthday

In The News Submitted 6-12-17

Fabolous Gets The Key To Brooklyn On Biggies 20th Death Anniversary

Video Submitted 6-12-17

Why 2pac Allegedly Shooters Ran With Mike Tyson And 2pac Never Had Much To Say About It

Video Submitted 6-12-17

You Can Run From The Facts But The Truth Will Find You, LOL

Funny Submitted 6-11-17

Xxxtentacion Gets Jumped Live On Stage At His Show

WTF Submitted 6-07-17

Dude Gets Raided By SWAT On Facebook Live While Showing Off Cash In Jacksonville Florida

Crazy SOB's Submitted 6-02-17

Jay Z And Family Sit Front Side At The NBA Playoffs Game 1

In The News Submitted 6-01-17

Lebron James House Gets Vandalized And Spray Painted With Racial Slurs

In The News Submitted 6-01-17

Sammy Watkins Post 1 Million Dollar Bail For His Little Brother Court Refuses To Release Him Without Proof Of How Money Was Earned , WTF

WTF Submitted 6-01-17

How Police Treat Black People

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-22-17

Wack 100 Gets Knocked Out By Treach * RUMOR *

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 5-19-17

Man Swings On Cop With A Shot Gun And Gets Shot

Crazy SOB's Submitted 5-19-17

Bobby Shmurda Weekly Income While In Prison Wouldn't Pay Anybody Bills

In The News Submitted 4-04-17

Yo Millionaire Exposes Young Dolph Claims He Was A Barber And Never Sold Drugs

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-18-17

Snoop Dogg Shoots Donald Trump Clown And Causes Twitter Beef Between The 2

Who Would Of Thought Submitted 3-15-17

TI Goes All The Way In On Donald Trump For Dissing Snoop Dogg

In The News Submitted 3-15-17

# Guys Get Caught Trying To Break Into Someones Property

WTF Submitted 3-15-17

Trump Meets His Idol

Funny Submitted 2-28-17

Kodak Black Goes Back To Jail For Probation Violation

In The News Submitted 2-28-17

How Rick People Flash They Money

Funny Submitted 2-21-17

Florida 1st Grader Found Chewing On A Used Condom On A Playground

WTF Submitted 2-14-17

Troy Ave Shows Up In Court With A Bullet Proof Vest On And A Crack Making Hat, Gets To Do Shows Again

In The News Submitted 2-10-17

Florida Man Gets Shot And Killed Still Diapers From Walmart Due To Stand Your Ground

In The News Submitted 2-07-17

Nino Brown Breaks Down Fast Money And Slow Time, Play The Game Smarted Real Talk

Video Submitted 2-07-17

Gucci Mane Clone Or Naw

Funny Submitted 2-05-17

Superbowl Tom Brady Throwing Crazy

Funny Submitted 2-05-17

Man Parks His Truck On Another Guys Car During Road Rage Incident

In The News Submitted 2-04-17

Nicki Minaj Goes At Fashion Giuseppe Over Unpaid Check, Racism And Disrespect For Shoes Made In Her Name #GiuseppeWhatsGood

In The News Submitted 2-03-17

Texas Family Finds A Rattle Snake Crawling Out The Toilet

In The News Submitted 2-03-17

Love At 1st Sight After Chic Downs A Half Pint Of Hennessy Straight

Video Submitted 2-02-17

When You Giving It Up And Everybody

Funny Submitted 2-02-17

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins Shows Her Baby Body

Funny Submitted 2-02-17

Jay Z: The Rise To Success (Motivational Documentary)

Video Submitted 2-02-17

Young Dolph - Play With You Bitch,i Yo Gotti Diss

Audio Submitted 2-02-17

When Blue Ivy Finds Out Her Parents Are Having Twins

Funny Submitted 2-01-17

Plies List Of Things He Will Not Accept For Valentines Day 

Funny Submitted 1-31-17

Chris Brown Admits To Being The Type To Stalk His Ex Girlfriends

WTF Submitted 1-31-17

30 Lbs Of Cocaine Found On American Airlines Flight

Video Submitted 1-30-17

2 Girls Diss Blac Youngsta Claim They Made More Money Then Him And Makes It Rain

Funny Submitted 1-29-17

When A Van Comes Thru Your Bus And Everyone Lives

Video Submitted 1-29-17

Detroit Goonz Catch Rico Reckless Homeboy Slipping

Crazy SOB's Submitted 1-28-17

What Drakes Check Looked Like After Everybody Got Paid, LOL

Funny Submitted 1-28-17

Alligator Jumps In Floridas Man Boat For Looking At Him For Too Long Everybody Sh*ts There Pants

Video Submitted 1-27-17

Snoop Dogg Speaks On 2pac Smashing One Of His Chics

Video Submitted 1-27-17

World Star CEO Q Passes Away In His Sleep, RIP

In The News Submitted 1-24-17

The Shopper Might Be A Little Racist

Funny Submitted 1-22-17

The Truth Behind Alot Of People's Diet

Funny Submitted 1-22-17

I Think I Did

Funny Submitted 1-22-17

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