If Celebs Were In High School Pt.1, Lol!!!


Police Officer Attacks Women After She Calls 911 On Him

WTF Submitted 8-05-16

Store Clerk Snatches Armed Mans Gun Out Of His Hand Amd Lives To See Another Day, WTF

Crazy SOB's Submitted 7-15-16

Video Catches Poilce Beating Man To A Pulp After He Surrenders With His Hands Up In Florida

WTF Submitted 7-10-16

Killer Mike Heart Felt Interview On Recent Shootings And Why He Is Ashamed Of Being Part Of This Country

Vlogs Submitted 7-08-16

Falcon Heights Minnesota Cop Shoots And Kills Man After Asking Him For His License **Graphic Footage Of Philando Castile**

WTF Submitted 7-08-16

Joe Walsh Threatens Obama And Blacks Says The Real America Is Coming For You John Legend Responds

In The News Submitted 7-08-16

Police Shooting Suspect Demands Apology Dallas Police Refuse To Give Him One

In The News Submitted 7-08-16

Trevor Noah Speaks On 2 Recent Police Shootings

Vlogs Submitted 7-08-16

Michael Blackson Put Som Respect On My Name Breakfast Club

Funny Submitted 6-25-16

If Celebs Were In High School Pt.1, Lol!!!

Funny Submitted 6-17-16

Why Nobody Trust The News Anymore!!!'

Funny Submitted 6-17-16

Stephen Curry Wife Think The NBA Is Rigged!!!!

WWOT Submitted 6-17-16

Camron Ask Mariah Carey For A Threesome!!! 😮😮😮

WWOT Submitted 6-14-16

Kimbo Slice Dies At Age 42

In The News Submitted 6-06-16

Reporter Saves Bad Driver His Windshield Wipers Not So Lucky

WTF Submitted 4-19-16

Meek Mills Hands Off His Big L To Katt Williams

WWOT Submitted 3-26-16

NYPD Arrest US Post Man For Delivery Man In

WTF Submitted 3-25-16

Man Chases Trailer That He Witnesses Sticking His Motorcylce In Thier Truck

Crazy SOB's Submitted 9-20-15

Lady Gets Hungry And Makes A Nasty Snack On The Train

WTF Submitted 8-05-15

Scooby Doo Finds Rachael Dolezal

Funny Submitted 6-28-15

The Price Just Ain't Right,LOL

Funny Submitted 6-28-15

Is That You Michael Jackson

WWOT Submitted 6-25-15

More Police Harrassment In Addison

Vlogs Submitted 6-25-15

my sex life

WTF Submitted 6-22-15

The Truth Is The Truth

WWOT Submitted 4-24-15

Unarmed Florida Man Shot And Left Paralyzed For Life By Police For Holding A Cell Phone Dash Cam Shows Cover Up

WTF Submitted 4-23-15

The Effects Of Hanging Out With Young Thug On Rich Homie Quan

Funny Submitted 4-23-15

P. Diddy Makes A Come Back

WWOT Submitted 4-22-15

Mike Brown Memorial Tree Cut Down And Memorial Stolen

In The News Submitted 4-20-15

Dr. Boyce Watkins Breaks Down Dame Dashes Statement About Being A Worker And Not Having A Boss

Vlogs Submitted 4-20-15

Man Shoots And Kills Police Dog For Attacking His Pet Rabbit

WWOT Submitted 4-12-15

And You Thought Birds Only Ate Bread

WTF Submitted 4-11-15

Gang Banging Gone Wrong Birdman Confused About What Set He' s From (Then And Now)

WWOT Submitted 2-18-15

Beyonce Photos Leak And Internet Backs Her Up Over Photoshop Pics

WWOT Submitted 2-18-15

Chinese Vending Machine

Funny Submitted 2-17-15

Get It Together

WWOT Submitted 2-16-15

Men Try To Ice The Roads To Avoid DUI Arrest, Good Idea With Failing Result

In The News Submitted 2-16-15

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Joe Walsh Threatens Obama And Blacks Says The Real America Is Coming For You John Legend Responds

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