Killer Mike Heart Felt Interview On Recent Shootings And Why He Is Ashamed Of Being Part Of This Country


Police Officer Attacks Women After She Calls 911 On Him

WTF Submitted 8-05-16

Store Clerk Snatches Armed Mans Gun Out Of His Hand Amd Lives To See Another Day, WTF

Crazy SOB's Submitted 7-15-16

Video Catches Poilce Beating Man To A Pulp After He Surrenders With His Hands Up In Florida

WTF Submitted 7-10-16

Killer Mike Heart Felt Interview On Recent Shootings And Why He Is Ashamed Of Being Part Of This Country

Vlogs Submitted 7-08-16

Falcon Heights Minnesota Cop Shoots And Kills Man After Asking Him For His License **Graphic Footage Of Philando Castile**

WTF Submitted 7-08-16

Joe Walsh Threatens Obama And Blacks Says The Real America Is Coming For You John Legend Responds

In The News Submitted 7-08-16

Police Shooting Suspect Demands Apology Dallas Police Refuse To Give Him One

In The News Submitted 7-08-16

Trevor Noah Speaks On 2 Recent Police Shootings

Vlogs Submitted 7-08-16

Michael Blackson Put Som Respect On My Name Breakfast Club

Funny Submitted 6-25-16

If Celebs Were In High School Pt.1, Lol!!!

Funny Submitted 6-17-16

Why Nobody Trust The News Anymore!!!'

Funny Submitted 6-17-16

Stephen Curry Wife Think The NBA Is Rigged!!!!

WWOT Submitted 6-17-16

Camron Ask Mariah Carey For A Threesome!!! 😮😮😮

WWOT Submitted 6-14-16

Kimbo Slice Dies At Age 42

In The News Submitted 6-06-16

Reporter Saves Bad Driver His Windshield Wipers Not So Lucky

WTF Submitted 4-19-16

Meek Mills Hands Off His Big L To Katt Williams

WWOT Submitted 3-26-16

NYPD Arrest US Post Man For Delivery Man In

WTF Submitted 3-25-16

Man Chases Trailer That He Witnesses Sticking His Motorcylce In Thier Truck

Crazy SOB's Submitted 9-20-15

Lady Gets Hungry And Makes A Nasty Snack On The Train

WTF Submitted 8-05-15

Scooby Doo Finds Rachael Dolezal

Funny Submitted 6-28-15

The Price Just Ain't Right,LOL

Funny Submitted 6-28-15

Is That You Michael Jackson

WWOT Submitted 6-25-15

More Police Harrassment In Addison

Vlogs Submitted 6-25-15

my sex life

WTF Submitted 6-22-15

The Truth Is The Truth

WWOT Submitted 4-24-15

Unarmed Florida Man Shot And Left Paralyzed For Life By Police For Holding A Cell Phone Dash Cam Shows Cover Up

WTF Submitted 4-23-15

The Effects Of Hanging Out With Young Thug On Rich Homie Quan

Funny Submitted 4-23-15

P. Diddy Makes A Come Back

WWOT Submitted 4-22-15

Mike Brown Memorial Tree Cut Down And Memorial Stolen

In The News Submitted 4-20-15

Dr. Boyce Watkins Breaks Down Dame Dashes Statement About Being A Worker And Not Having A Boss

Vlogs Submitted 4-20-15

Man Shoots And Kills Police Dog For Attacking His Pet Rabbit

WWOT Submitted 4-12-15

And You Thought Birds Only Ate Bread

WTF Submitted 4-11-15

Gang Banging Gone Wrong Birdman Confused About What Set He' s From (Then And Now)

WWOT Submitted 2-18-15

Beyonce Photos Leak And Internet Backs Her Up Over Photoshop Pics

WWOT Submitted 2-18-15

Chinese Vending Machine

Funny Submitted 2-17-15

Get It Together

WWOT Submitted 2-16-15

Men Try To Ice The Roads To Avoid DUI Arrest, Good Idea With Failing Result

In The News Submitted 2-16-15

32 White People Get Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud And Whites Defend Them In The Comments

WWOT Submitted 2-16-15

Bobby Shmurda Speak On How Epic Records Turned They Back On Him Speaks On His Current Situation

In The News Submitted 2-16-15

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Kimbo Slice Dies At Age 42